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Scholarships Make College Possible for Many

Making college possible and affordable for deserving students so they can improve and enhance the quality of their lives with education is the main focus of the ACC Foundation’s mission. Each year, the ACC Foundation awards more than $48,000 in scholarships to students for pursuing a degree or technical training.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarship applications can be obtained from the Enrollment Services Center and Financial Aid Office in Building A on the main campus. ACC Foundation scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors and current ACC students. For more information, contact the ACC Enrollment Services Center at 281-756-3531.

Current scholarships and endowments and their eligibility requirements:

How to Give for Scholarships

Going to college and working requires a delicate balancing act for students. According to the State of Student Aid and Higher Education in Texas report by TG Research and Analytical Services, 76 percent of students in Texas work while attending college.

Many times, students who work too many hours may find themselves not having enough time to complete their homework, perform quality work, or even attend classes. With the current economic state of the country, it is also difficult for many people to even find a job to support their educational pursuits.

One of the ways to help give students a better chance for success in college is to provide financial assistance so they will have more time and opportunities to attend college and complete the work to the best of their ability. Approximately half of ACC students receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, and loans.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowment funds are invested and managed, with interest and dividends used to perpetually fund the scholarship or program requested by the donor. An endowment can be established with a gift of $20,000 or more. Each endowed scholarship bears the name designated by the donor.

Memorial Scholarships

Donors may create a named scholarship to honor a loved one, family member or achievements with a gift of $5,000 or more. Donors may designate a set of specific criteria for the scholarship.

Opportunity Scholarships

Apply Now for the ACC Foundation Opportunity Scholarship, created to provide a fund for small gifts and donations to be pooled together for greater scholarship opportunities. The Foundation also contributes 50 percent of the profits from all major fundraisers to the Opportunity Fund.

Single Scholarships

The ACC Foundation also accepts non-endowed donations to provide a single scholarship as designated by the donor.

Ways of Giving for Scholarships

  • Cash Gifts
  • Pledges
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Bequests
  • Matching Gifts

For more information on planned giving, establishing an endowment or scholarship, please contact ACC Foundation Executive Director Wendy Del Bello at 281-756-3600 or

Process Technology Student 

Tammara Burch, Process Technology Student
Hawkins Family Scholarship Fall 2009
As a single mom, I have found it difficult to pursue my dream of receiving my associate degree and to keep life in balance. I am truly blessed to have received the Hawkins Family Scholarship. I know that I am not on this journey alone. This scholarship has truly touched the lives of 5 people - mine and my 4 children. My goal is to be fully self supportive with a career in the petrochemical field. I will graduate with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in the spring of 2010. For that I am truly grateful. Thank you for the opportunity to further my education.

If you need more information on applying for a scholarship, creating an endowment or scholarship or donating to the ACC Foundation, contact:

Wendy Del Bello
ACC Foundation Executive Director
3110 Mustang Road, Alvin, Texas 77511

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