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Board of Regents Member Profiles

Alvin Community College has nine members on the Board of Regents. Each member is elected to a six year term, and all members serve at-large.

Board Member L.H.
L. H. "Pete" Nash, Chairman
105 E. Larkspur
Alvin, TX 77511
Position 7
Term expires 2016

Board Member James 'Bart' DeWitt
James 'Bart' DeWitt, Vice Chairman
2230 West Coombs
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 1
Term expires 2018

Board Member Karlis Ercums III
Karlis Ercums III, Secretary
4010 Country Trails
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 9
Term expires 2016

Board Member Mac Barrow
Mac Barrow
102 E. Larkspur Drive
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 8
Term expires 2016

Board Member Jody Droege
Jody Droege
514 Towne Ct
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 4
Term expires 2020

Board Member Cheryl Knape
Cheryl Knape and
15835 CR 185
Alvin, TX 77511
Position 6
Term Expires 2020

Board Member Mike Pyburn
Mike Pyburn
3610 Skyranch Road
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 5
Term expires 2020

Board Member Bel Sanchez
'Bel Sanchez
206 Ridgemont Drive
Position 2
Term Expires 2018

Board Member Doyle Swindell
Doyle Swindell
112 S. Jane
Alvin, Texas 77511
Position 3
Term expires 2018


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