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Massage Therapy

Join one of the fastest-growing professions in the country...

Massage Therapy student massaging a client.

Massage is a healing art and science that requires a balance of academic and technical knowledge, clinical skills, manual dexterity, sensitivity, and awareness. The profession has made tremendous advances and has become part of mainstream health and healing.

According to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, massage therapy is the most common complementary profession used in hospitals in the United States. The field of massage therapy is growing rapidly in response to the public’s expanding interest in forms of healthcare that promote well-being and a higher quality of life.

Program Description

In the ACC Massage Therapy program, you will develop the skills needed to start working in this growing industry. This one year intensive program features both classroom instruction and hands-on training. To help you transition from student to practitioner, you will complete an internship in which you work directly with clients to provide massages. At the end of the program, you'll be ready to take the National Massage Therapist Exam, become licensed in the state of Texas, and go into practice as a massage therapist.

The Massage Therapy Program at ACC is designed to meet the needs of individuals planning to take the MBLEX exam and State Jurisprudence Examination for state licensing. Our 526-hour program satisfies the minimum hour requirement for State Licensing and also offers additional (optional) classes to further your knowledge in nutrition and critical thinking.

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Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

For admission to the Massage Therapy Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be physically, emotionally, mentally and financially able to complete the program
  • Free of communicable diseases
  • Complete Program Application
  • Have no criminal record
  • Provide letters of recommendation (one should be from a licensed massage therapist)
  • Interview with the director of massage therapy 
  • Furnish a current photo ID (valid Texas driver license or ID card)

Course Descriptions:

Fundamentals of Massage Therapy I
This 126-hour course is instructed by a licensed massage therapy instructor. The first week of class covers an orientation to the program and includes study-skill techniques. The coursework will include instruction regarding the history and significance of massage therapy, massage therapy tools and products, client preparation and draping, the effects and benefits of massage therapy, contraindications, and the practical application of the techniques involved in the manipulation of soft tissue. The majority of the course hours are dedicated to the study and practical application of Swedish massage therapy techniques.

Human Health and Hygiene
This 21-hour course is dedicated to the study of health, hygiene, first aid, and universal precautions. Recognized methods of sanitation and the prevention of disease are addressed in terms of their effect on the massage therapist and client. You will gain an understanding of personal hygiene and personal care, including the benefits of therapeutic exercise and physical development of the massage practitioner.

Human Anatomy and Physiology
This 75-hour course includes 52 hours dedicated to the study of anatomy and 26 hours dedicated to the study of physiology. Coursework will include an in-depth study of the human body. Initially, the course will help develop a basic understanding of the medical terminology and organization of the body. Later, the course will continue a more detailed look into each of the systems and their intricate anatomy and functions.

Business Practices and Professional Ethics
Massage therapy laws and rules, as well as business practices and professional ethics standards, are addressed in this 45-hour class. You also will learn the basics of setting up and running your own independent massage practice. The class includes the study of standard bookkeeping, accounting and office practices, as well as advertising and the ethical practices for massage therapists, as established by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS).

Fundamentals of Massage Therapy II
A continuation of Fundamentals of Massage Therapy I, this 75-hour class will help you refine your technique and gain exposure to different techniques including, but not limited to, myofascial release, Eastern-influenced techniques and chair massage.

This is a 51-hour course is dedicated to the study of applied anatomy and kinesiology. Coursework covers the scientific-based medical principles toward the analysis, preservation, and enhancement of human movement in various settings and populations. You will gain an integrated understanding of anatomy, physiology, the associated bio-mechanics and movements of muscles and joints, and the neurological components of body position and reflex systems.

This 42-hour course is dedicated to understanding disease and infection, as well as its counterpoint -- health and wellness -- including the concept of preventive healthcare as related to massage therapy. The student will learn to identify contraindications related to massage therapy and define common indications for massage therapy. You will also analyze the etiology of various conditions and disorders of each major body system; understand psychological and emotional states of disease; and gain a basic understanding of pharmacology as it relates to massage.

Hydrotherapy/Therapeutic Modalities
This 21-hour course addresses the theory and use of hydrotherapy and the incorporation of various therapeutic modalities that can be used in massage therapy. You will study the history and terminology of hydrotherapy and learn the various forms of application and mechanisms governing functional responses of the body. You will also gain an understanding of the effects and benefits of hydrotherapy, contraindications for hydrotherapy treatments, and familiarize yourself with equipment utilization.

This 70-hour course helps you gain "real life" experience under the supervision of a licensed massage therapy instructor. Students will demonstrate: client scheduling, check-in and initial consultations and administrative duties including filing, money handling, and other documentation. Students will also demonstrate massage applications that reflect the education and training received in this program and develop strategies for working with individual client needs to help generate repeat clients.

Prerequisites for internship:
Successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology; Fundamentals of Massage Therapy I & II; Human Health and Hygiene; Pathology; Kinesiology; Business and Ethics; and Hydrotherapy/ Therapeutic Modalities. Students with previous education and training may be exempt from some of the hours required for this course, if they present official transcripts to ACC and receive authorization for exemption from the program director prior to enrolling in classes.

Program Investment
The tuition for the Massage Therapy Program is approximately $4,455. Other costs include textbooks, scrubs, sheets, CPR certification and lab fees. Approximate costs were calculated using in-district tuition rates. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. 

Upcoming Classes:  

Courses are currently on hold for this program. 

Human Health & Hygiene

Alvin Campus

Course No. Date(s) Time Day Room Instructor
CEMSSG 1009 03


Tuition: IN $235 OD $255 Other Fees  $55  

Fundamentals of Massage Therapy I: Swedish Massage

Alvin Campus

Course No. Date(s) Time Day Room Instructor
CEMSSG 1011 03

Tuition: IN $1065 OD $1085 Other Fees

Human Anatomy & Physiology

Alvin Campus

Course No. Date(s) Time Day Room Instructor
CEMSSG 1013 03
01:00PM - 4:30PM

Tuition: IN $640 OD $660 Other Fees

Business Practices and Professional Ethics

Alvin Campus

Course No. Date(s) Time Day Room Instructor
CEMSSG 1007 03
01:00PM -04:30PM

Tuition: IN $365 OD $385 Other Fees  $43  


More information at 281-756-3806 or

Special Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists

Special Topics: Massage for Pre- and Post-Surgery This course is designed to fulfill eight hours of CEU requirements for massage therapists and can help build their businesses. This class will include information on interviewing skills to identify areas of spinal surgery for the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral zones, and how to take precautions based on the information gathered, and treatment techniques that are applicable and safe to use on those affected areas. Hands-on training opportunities include: Initial muscle exam of the affective or identified area and how to establish a treatment plan, specific massage techniques for the surgery and surrounding muscle areas to reduce tightness, release of toxins and increase of circulation, additional treatment recommendations and implementation of scheduled massages, symptoms to look for, benefits of a spinal surgery massage, clinical procedures, and techniques for pre- and post-spinal-surgery clients.

Oriental Medicine This covers Fundamental Concepts of Oriental Medicine, Anatomical Pressure Point Location, and an Introduction to Chinese Massage (Tui-Na).

Soothing Stone Massage This 7-hour course is dedicated to learning the art and technique of soothing stone massage. Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones to warm and relax the muscles while massaging the soft tissue. Massage therapists earn 7 CEUs for this class.

Additional classes offered include: Thai Reflexology, Bamboo Massage, Prenatal Massage, Spa Therapies, and Insurance Billing and Coding.

 More information at 281-756-3806 or

To register: Visit Building H, Room 103| Policies