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The popular summer camp, Busy Bodies Kids’ College, is back for another season of fun and learning!

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Creative Writing & Illustration Camp (7-10 yrs)
Hosted by the Author of the Iggy the Iguana, Turtle Town Chapter Book Series and Little Miss Molly Book, Melissa M. Williams with Guest Illustrator Ryan Shaw. At this four day Creative Writing and Illustration Workshop, students will learn to think outside of the box and create unique characters with interesting stories. The author, Melissa M.Williams, will discuss the way she used her own experiences with her pets to create the fictional characters in her books while teaching the use of archetypes, conflict resolution, imagery, voice, tone and original storyline development tactics. Students will learn how to bring their own ideas to life through words and illustrations as professional illustrator, Ryan Shaw, explains the process of connecting the author’s characters with art. During the week, the students will have the opportunity to use their newly learned skills to come up with their own character and develop a unique story. 

The Workshop Includes: 3 Days of Creative Writing Instruction plus 1 Day of Art Lessons from a Professional Illustrator / Behind the Scene Publishing Insight / An Autographed Iggy the Iguana Book, Prizes and Handouts / Short Story Project / A Camp T-shirt. 

Each student will have a chance to enter their short story in the Read3Zero "I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids" Anthology and be professionally published by LongTale Publishing! See for information.

July 15-July 18, MTWTH, 1:00pm-5:00pm (Alvin) 7-10 yrs
Registration Deadline: July 7

Camp Tuition:
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ADVANCED Creative Writing & Illustration (
9-12 yrs) or Returning Students 
Advanced Summer Camp students will spend 4 days learning all of the fundamental parts to story writing included in the basic creative writing camp, but with greater detail and more focused writing exercises. The Advanced Creative Writing Workshop is meant for the serious writer, ready to take their story to the next level.  Plus they will receive a full day of illustration instruction to help develop the perfect main character through written description and illustrated detail. Students are encouraged to bring in previous work from one of their past workshops or writing classes. Summer Campers will take home a short story project and witness the stages of publication from brainstorming to final copy. Advanced techniques presented during the workshop will include:

  • Brainstorming techniques used to spark ideas for characters and stories
  • Character development skills using psychological archetypes, essential in proper story-telling
  • Fundamental stages of story acts–Intro, Act I, Act II, Act II, Close
  • Methods for implementing conflict for the hero
  • Learn how to transition the hero–or protagonist–from old self, to new self–story change
  • How to reach your reader’s emotions
  • Description and Imagery-How to Show not just Tell the story
  • Interesting Openings used to Hook readers
  • Better ways to Edit
  • Dialogue

The Workshop Also Includes: 3 Days of Creative Writing Instruction plus 1 Day of Art Lessons from a Professional Illustrator / Behind the Scene Publishing Insight / An Autographed Iggy the Iguana Book, Prizes and Handouts / Short Story Project / A Camp T-shirt.

July 22-July 25, MTWTH, 1:00pm- 5:00pm (Robert Turner College & Career Campus)
Registration Deadline: July 14!

Camp Tuition: $225
Register Online

Camp Einstein Engineering Ages (5-7 yrs) / (8-12 yrs)
Transform into an engineer with hands-on projects in this exciting and challenging summer camp. Build roller coasters and hovercrafts. Learn about solar power and build race cars! Design catapults and trebuchets and see how far you can launch! Ever wonder how a car works? What makes a clock tick? Creativity and ingenuity are what this camp is all about. This camp is perfect for the engineering minded student who loves to build, create, and see how things work!

July 15-July 18, MTWTH, 9:00am-12:00pm (Robert Turner College & Career Campus) (5-7 yrs)
Registration deadline: July 7!

July 15-July 18, MTWTH, 1:00pm-4:00pm (Robert Turner College & Career Campus) (8-12 yrs)
Registration deadline: July 7!

Camp Tuition: $145
Register Online


To learn more about upcoming classes call Rhonda Myers at 281.756.3729 or email her at


Main Campus

Address: 3110 Mustang Road, Alvin, TX 77511
Telephone: (281) 756-3500

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