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Vocational Training


Skills Training Rewarding Independence and Vocational Education

This STRIVE program offers a 2 year college experience in vocational training for adults with intellectual disabilities.  These students will work on resume building skills, interviewing skills, life skills for independence and involvement in local community, and vocational training in (but not limited to) basic health care, basic animal care, and horticulture with the end goal of obtaining a job.  Upon completing the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion.  Limited seats available.  Program application required.

 Semester I  Semester II  Semester III  Semester IV  Semester V
Interpersonal Skills
Skills for the Workplace
Career Exploration /Planning

Occupational Math
Internet Basics
Workforce Preparation
Introduction to Environmental
Studies and
Current Issues
Safety & Accident Prevention
Wellness and Health Promotion
Job Search Skills
Professionalism in the Workplace

Workplace Study (Individualized for each student)

Morning Courses


Internet Basics

This class will introduce the student to the internet including E-mail, home page, and how to perform basic research to address company/business needs.  Students will also be exposed to various forms of technology used in everyday life; including those used for social networking, organization and entertainment.  Students will also learn to utilize work related pieces of technology including fax machine, scanner, and copier. 

Course No.                      Date(s)                         Time                                Day         Room     Instructor
CEITNW 1007 AC01      01/20/15 – 05/12/15     09:30AM – 11:30AM      T             TBA       M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $400.00 Tuition OD $420.00 Other Fees $56.00

Professional Workforce Preparation

This course is designed to prepare the student for career success including ethics, interpersonal relations, professional attire, and advancement.  This course will further develop student’s abilities to identify and pursue appropriate career options.  Students build their job readiness skills including understanding employer expectations and navigating the social demands of work.  Students are required to participate in college and community career exploration experiences to reinforce concepts as well as structured work-shadowing opportunities. 

Course No.                     Date(s)                         Time                                Day         Room     Instructor
CEPOFT 1013 AC01      01/22/15 – 05/14/15     09:30AM – 12:30PM      TH           H112      M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $600.00 Tuition OD $620.00 Other Fees $15.00

Occupational Math

The student will be introduced to math skills applicable to business and industry for successful on-the-job performance.  This course is also designed to prepare students with basic money skills including money value, money handling, shopping, budgeting, paying bills, and banking.

Course No.                      Date(s)                         Time                               Day          Room     Instructor
CETECM 1013 AC01     01/26/15 – 05/11/15     09:30AM – 12:00PM      M             H112       M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $500.00 Tuition OD $520.00 Other Fees $15.00


Afternoon Courses


Communication Skills for the Workplace

This course will address essential listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computational skills required by business and industry.  It will also develop skills needed to seek competitive employment.  Content will include, but not limited to, the following: identifying and using workplace vocabulary; follow written directions; resume writings; completing job applications; and reading employment skills.            Course No.                    Date(s)                         Time                                Day        Room     Instructor
CECOMG 1003 AC02    01/20/15 – 05/12/15     01:00PM – 03:00PM      T            TBA       M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $500.00 Tuition OD $520.00 Other Fees $43.00

Career Exploration/Planning

This course is designed to introduce the student to career exploration, educational planning, and job searching.  The student will be able to identify career options and aptitudes, explain the nature of the career decision-making process and application.  The student will also learn how to develop a resume and cover letter and demonstrate interviewing skills.  Students will learn follow-up procedures as well.  It will help students become more aware of themselves as individuals, and to develop a strong and confident identity by defining their values, opinions, and interests.  Students become aware of their own personality traits and explore how their traits will benefit them in a workplace.

Course No.                    Date(s)                         Time                                Day         Room     Instructor
CEPOFT 1000 AC02     01/22/15 – 05/14/15     01:00PM – 04:00PM       TH           H112      M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $600.00 Tuition OD $620.00 Other Fees $15.00

Interpersonal Skills

This course will identify factors in positive relationships.  Topics include personal dress/hygiene; understanding self and others; verbal and non-verbal communications, listening skills, negotiating, assertiveness, and teamwork.

Course No.                     Date(s)                         Time                                Day         Room     Instructor
CEDITA 1032 AC02      01/26/15 – 05/11/15      01:00PM – 03:00PM      M             H112       M Vlahovich
Tuition IN $400.00 Tuition OD $420.00 Other Fees $15.0

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