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Associate of Arts Degree Program (A.A.) with a Field of Study in Criminal Justice

Purpose: This degree plan is a field of study approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board which is designed to meet the needs of students who plan to major in Criminal Justice and transfer all of the hours to a four year university or college. Although, this plan has been approved for transfer the student should still verify the transferability of this plan with the intended university or college.

Admission Requirements: The student must meet the general admission requirements to the college.

Program Requirements: The student must complete the college graduation requirements which include completion of the Core Curriculum, the Field of Study Curriculum for Criminal Justice for a total of 62 hours.

 Course   Course Title   Credits
 +Communication   Select from Communication Core Curriculum 6
 +Mathematics   Select from Mathematics Core Curriculum 3
 +Life & Physical Sciences   Select from Life & Physical Sciences Core Curriculum  6
 +Language, Philosophy & Culture   Select from Language, Philosophy & Culture Core Curriculum 3
 +Creative Arts   Select from Creative Arts Core Curriculum 3
 +American History   Select from American History Core Curriculum 6
 +Government & Political Science  Government & Political Science Core Curriculum 6
 +Social & Behavioral Sciences   Select from Social & Behavioral Sciences Core Curriculum 3
 +Component Area Options   Select from Component Area Options Core Curriculum 6
 Field of Study Curriculum for Criminal Justice:  
 CRIJ 1301  Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
 CRIJ 1306  Court Systems & Practice 3
 CRIJ 1310  Fundamentals of Criminal Law 3
 CRIJ 2313  Correctional Systems & Practices 3
 CRIJ 2328  Police Systems & Practices 3
 CRIJ Elective   Select CRIJ elective course 3
 Total Credits for Associate In Arts Degree With A Field Of Study In Criminal Justice

+ Denotes core requirement; see page 19. Speak with Department Chair or Academic Advisor for proper course selection.

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