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Academic Alternative Law Enforcement Academy

Criminal Justice – Academic Alternative Texas Peace Officer Program

*Must meet the requirements for admission to the police academy. See Criminal Justice - Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certificate for details.

The Academic Alternative Texas Peace Officer Program offers students who hold a bachelor’s degree with the seven criminal justice core courses the opportunity to complete the police academy without having to repeat the subjects covered by the core courses.  

The seven criminal justice core courses are:

Juvenile Justice System (CRIJ1313)
Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRIJ 1301)
Fundamentals of Criminal Law (CRIJ 1310)
Court Systems and Practices (CRIJ 1306)
Police Systems and Practices (CRIJ 2328)
Criminal Investigation (CRIJ 2314)
Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement (CRIJ 2323)

The basic requirements for admission to the program are as follows:              

1. Must hold a bachelor degree from a SAC recognized College or University including the seven core courses (1301, 1306, 1310, 1313, 2314, 2323, 2328) with a minimum 2.5 GPA in each core course.  Academy staff will review your transcripts to determine eligibility.

2. Must meet basic licensing enrollment standards 215.15

3. Must meet Alvin Community College Academy entrance requirements

a. Age
b. Valid Texas driver’s license
c. Birth certificate
d. High School diploma/ GED + College transcripts
e. Score 70 or better on academy entrance exam

4. Must attend all academy classes as determined by the academy staff (hour for hour with cadets) and pass the subject matter test for that class.

5. The student will be required to take and pass the subject matter tests for all Academy classes.

6. Take and pass the academy mid-term and final examination (comprehensive) with a minimum score of 80%.

7. Take and pass two Texas Commission on Law Enforcement practice examinations with a minimum of 90% on each.

Course Number  
Course Title 
CJLE 2420  Texas Peace Officer Procedures  4
 CJLE 2421 Texas Peace Officer Law
 CJLE 2522  Texas Peace Officer Skills
 CJLE 2424 
 Texas Peace Office Capstone 
 Total Credits Required for Law Enforcement & Police
Administration Certificate.           

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