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Criminal Justice - Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certificate

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the program the student must:

1. Be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of equivalency (GED);

2. Be a U.S. Citizen

3. Be 21 years of age at the time of completion of the course or seek special approval from the Academy Director

4. Successfully pass a Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension proficiency exam prior to the enrollment process

5. Agree to purchase and wear the prescribed academy uniform;

6. Complete TCOLE L-2 (Declaration Medical Condition Declaration) and TCOLE L-3
    (Psychological and Emotional Health Declaration);

7.  Accurately complete a personal history statement;

8. Sign required waiver forms as presented by the college;

9. Abide by the rules of the Academy and administrative orders;

10. Meet the minimal standards for licensing as required by TCOLE (Texas Administrative Code 215.15 and 217.1) which are applicable to a training Environment;

The following is a summary of the standards and should any conflict occur between the summarized standards and the TCOLE standards, then the TCOLE standards will govern: (TCOLE rules are subject to change without notice)

a. Be 21 years of age prior to being commissioned.
b. Be fingerprinted and pay the necessary fees
c. Not be on probation for any offense above a class “C” misdemeanor.
d. No convictions in past 10 years for misdemeanor offenses above a Class “C”.
e. No felony convictions.
f. No convictions or served no probation for offenses relating to the responsibilities of the office as a peace officer.
g. Be of good moral character.
h. Prior military must have honorable discharge.
i. Be a U.S. citizen.

11. Pay special fees associated with the Academy courses;

Special Registration Requirements: since this course is governed by the TCOLE rules the following special conditions apply:

1. No late registration-all special conditions to registration must be completed prior to the first class meeting.
2. The student must attend an orientation prior to the start of the academy

For more information:

Associates Degrees
Call 281-756-3779

Police Academy
Call  281-756-3780

Civilian Handgun Training
Law Enforcement In-Service Training
Call 281-756-3774


For accommodations: 281-756-3531
TDD: 281-756-3845