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Crime Scene Technician Certificate

Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Technician Certificate

Purpose: This course provides the student with the goals and principles of physical evidence and defines the application of forensic sciences to the criminal investigation.  It identifies the goals of crime scene management and provides the methodologies employed in recording the crime scene and in locating, collecting, and preserving the evidence. The importance and procedures for establishment of the chain of custody are presented, as are the methods utilized for requesting laboratory analysis of the recovered items of evidence. Emphasis is placed on providing each student with hands-on experience with lecture.

Program Requirements: A certificate student takes twenty seven (27) hours of prescribed courses. Upon successful completion of the approved course work, the student will be awarded a Crime Scene Certificate.

CRIJ 1301 
Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIJ 1306
Court Systems and Practices  3
CRIJ 2328
Police Systems and Practices  3
CRIJ 1310 or  
CJLE 1506
Fundamentals of Criminal Law or  
Basic Peace Officer I 
CRIJ 2314 or
CJLE 1518 
Criminal Investigation or  
Basic Peace Officer III
CRIJ 2323 or 
CJLE 1524
Legal Aspects of L/E  or
Basic Peace Officer IV
CJSA 1308 Criminalistics I  3
CJSA 2323 
Criminalistics II 
CJSA 2332   
Criminalistics III    
Total Credits Required for Crime Scene  
Technician Certificate


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