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Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography (DCVS)


1. Do the tuition and fees include books?
No - books may be purchased at ACC Bookstore.

2. Can I use the credits for CME’s?
Yes, go to to find out how.

3. Is there a licensure requirement?
Right now there are no licensure requirements in the state of Texas.  Sonographers should be registered by the ARDMS in order to perform studies but it is not currently mandatory.  Medicare has passed registry requirements for vascular sonography reimbursement in several states.  The state of New Mexico just recently passed a licensure law so it may be coming to Texas next.

4. Is a registry exam available?
YES!! Registry is available through the ARDMS and CCI. The exam requirements are based on the individuals level of education and experience.

5. What kind of salary can I expect?
Depends on training, education, experience, and registry. Average starting salary for new graduates is at least $58,000. Experienced registered sonographers can expect to make between $60,000 and $80,000 annually according to the department of labor.

6. Where can I find employment?
Hospitals, diagnostic clinics, cardiovascular specialist offices, contract businesses, agencies.

7. What is the job market like?
It’s hard to say what future employment will look like in any areas of healthcare until the current administration completes the changes being made to the system.  There had always been plenty of employment opportunities for graduates in the past but that could change.  Healthcare is usually a safe bet for employment even when the economy is down, however, there is no way to predict the future.

8. Do you help with placement?
We let you know of openings, but it is up to you and the employer if you get the job. Several agencies do market this program for employees.

9. What are the pre-requisites?
See the attached info. sheet and course outlines. It varies with your education and experience. Talk to the program director.

10. When do you take applications?
Any time. Feel free to fill it out now! (Go to: DCVS homepage > Program Information > Application Packet)

11. When is the deadline to apply?
Feb 15th for the AAS and Oct 15th for the ATC

12. What do I do if I am not finished with my pre-reqs by the deadline?
Students who are still in progress with one or more prerequisite when the application deadline occurs may still apply to the program. Those students will need to have their professor send me an email stating that they are coming to class regularly and are in good standing and currently passing by the application deadline. We will accept those applicants who are completed first and then if we still have openings we can accept those who are still in progress on contingency that they pass that class with a C or better. As soon as the grades are released at the end of the semester we need them right away. If the applicant fails a prerequisite we will accept someone from the alternate list.

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