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Dual Credit Forms and Documents


Thank you for your interest in the Alvin Community College Dual Credit Program. Remember to follow us on Twitter for updates and registration information. Contact your ACC Dual Credit Advisor if you have any questions. Don't forget to view the links below to print your steps for enrollment and more!

Requirements to enroll in the ACC Dual Credit Program:
Dual Credit (high school and college credit) students are students who have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and the ACC Admission Requirement. Students are expected to perform at the college level and to honor all deadlines declared by the college or by the instructor. Freshmen and Sophomores should take all 3 sections of the TSI exam (Math, Reading and Writing); and must meet TSI Reading and Writing standards to participate in the Dual Credit program. Foreign Language is the one exception, which requires students to meet TSI Reading standards. Juniors and Seniors must meet TSI standards, or be exempt through SAT, ACT, or EOC scores. Waivers are also available with PSAT scores.  

NEW: FREE MATH TSI PREP(available now through May 31st, 2015).
*TSI testing will be available at Pearland HS (PHS students only), Turner CCHS (any PISD student), Manvel and Alvin High Schools (any AISD student). Registration information is available on the Enrollment Timeline link above, or contact your ACC Dual Credit Advisor for assistance.
*Incoming 9th graders and current 9th graders interested in Dual Credit must take the TSI exam for entry. The Duke Talent SAT scores are not acceptable. EOC/STAAR and SAT/ACT exemptions are for juniors and seniors only. 10th grade students may qualify for PSAT or STAAR waivers.

2015 TSI and Other Score Requirements:
ACT Scores: 11th grade STAAR: College Algebra Placement:
23 Composite 2000 Level 2 English III PSAT 50 TSI 350
19 Math 4000 Level 2 Algebra II ACT 19 STAAR 4000
19 English   SAT 500  
SAT Scores: 11th grade TAKS:    
1070 Composite 2200 Reading/Writing    
500 Critical Reading 2200 Math    
500 Math      
PSAT Waiver: TSI Assessment:    
107 Composite 351 Reading    
50 Critical Reading 363 or 5+ Writing    
50 Math 350 Math    

***New for 2015-2016***

     English II (level 2 score of 4000)
     Algebra I (level 2 score of 4000) and a grade of 70 or higher in high school Algebra II.
For College Algebra:
     340 TSI and High School Pre-Cal with a grade of A or B.
     STAAR/ECO: Algebra I (level 2-score of 4000) and 70+ grade in high school Algebra II

Students must complete the following to enroll:

  1. Select a dual credit class through the course selection process or directly with their high school counselor. 
  2. Complete an ACC online admission application. 
  3. Complete an Early Admission Contract (EAC).
  4. Take the TSI exam and/or meet an exemption. Please meet directly with your ACC Dual Credit Advisor to determine what testing, if any is needed. Students should contact their ACC DC Advisor directly after testing to let the advisor know testing has been completed.
  5. Dual Credit students are required to attend DC New Student Orientation prior to the fall semester. The orientation presentation is posted online after Aug. 17. 
  6. All students are required to pay tuition for all dual credit college courses by the published deadline. Books should be purchased prior to the first day of school or immediately after the first day of class.

*Click here for Dual Credit ADA Accommodations.

Dual Credit Academic Standards

The college cumulative GPA will be calculated at the completion of each semester. Students whose college cumulative GPA is below 2.0 will be suspended from taking additional dual credit classes for one long semester (Fall or Spring); however, a student may retake only the courses in which an ‘F’ or a ‘D’ has been earned during the semester of suspension. Students can be reinstated the following semester. After completing classes during the reinstated semester, if the semester GPA remains below 2.0, future participation in the Dual Credit program will be prohibited.

Students must earn a C or higher in Foreign Language Classes prior to moving to the next level.

Dual Credit Overload -- Taking More Than 2 Courses Per Semester:
Dual Credit students are limited to 2 dual credit courses per semester. Permission for additional courses will be granted if the following criteria have been met:

  • New Dual Credit Students (first semester): must have a cumulative high school GPA of an 85 average or higher.
  • Current Dual Credit Students: must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higher.
2014-2015 Dual Credit Enrollment Checklist (use for summer 2015 registration)

2014-2015 Early Admission Contract (use for summer 2015 registration)

FERPA Waiver

Student Data Change Form

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