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New Employee Orientation

Employment Forms

The employment process should begin with the completion of all employment forms by the new employee. You will already have completed a College Employment Application Form and submitted requested documentation such as resume, reference letters and official transcripts (required for administrative/professional and faculty employees) prior to your recommendation and approval for a specific position.

Required forms are available online, on the local network, and in the Human Resources office.

Identification / Campus Communications 

Campus ID cards are available to all new employees. Stop by the Reference Desk in the Library during normal business hours and the staff member on duty will be available to process your request – no appointment is required. Any personnel who are required to visit TDCJ as a part of their employment must have an Alvin Community College I.D.

As an employee you will need a Staff parking decal issued by Campus Police. Contact Campus Police at 281.756.3700; Building H, Room 132. There is no charge. You will need to have your driver license available and must provide the make, model, and license plate number at the time of issue.

If you have been / will be issued building keys, please take extra precautions to safe guard them. Should you lose your key, you may be responsible for having the office, area, or building re-keyed depending upon the type of key issued.

Most employees receive their campus mail in their respective department(s). Faculty will have assigned mailboxes. Please be reminded that campus mail is a key form of communication on campus; check your mail frequently.

Campus e-Mail is also a primary form of campus communication. The Department Chair / Supervisor or the Administrative Assistant for your department will complete a request form for an e-mail account for you and submit it to the I.T. Department. A signed User Agreement is also required. The form is available on the College website and on the local drive, or you can request a paper form from your Department Chair / Supervisor, the Administrative Assistant for the department, or the IT Department Administrative Assistant.

Any changes in personal status, name, address, phone, marital status, should be reported to Human Resources as soon as possible to ensure payroll system accuracy. Any changes regarding payroll deductions should also be initiated in HR. Exception(s): student changes are reported to the Business Office and changes for Continuing Education instructional staff are reported to the CE Office. Please note that name changes require a copy of the new Social Security Card before the change will be processed.

The College Store is available to you for personal items as well as office supplies. Your department may have a designated individual for College Store purchases; check with your Department Chair or Immediate Supervisor. Discounts are available.

New Faculty Members should be advised that participation in commencement is required. If you do not own a cap and gown, the College Store can order one for you. The College Store will send out reminder notices several weeks prior to commencement.

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