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Awards & Disbursements

Notification of Award

Priority Financial Aid Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester April 1st
  • Spring semester October 1st
  • Summer semester March 1st

Students who met the Priority Application Deadline for financial aid:

  • Alvin Community College only delivers award notification via WebACCess.
  • If you do not have award on WebACCess you must pay your tuition and fees from personal funds. Payment must be made by the payment deadline.

Students who did not meet the Priority Application Deadline for financial aid:

  • If you applied for financial aid after the Priority Application Deadline and do not have awards on WebACCess, you must pay for registration from personal funds. Please continue to check WebACCess to see if you qualify for aid, you will be reimbursed later in the semester.

Financial Aid Adjustments

All financial aid awards are subject to adjustments based on the availability of funds, your enrollment status, any supplementary assistance you might receive, changes in information and your being in compliance with ACC’s academic requirements for receiving financial aid.

  • Your initial aid award is based on full-time attendance and will be modified to a lesser amount if you enroll for fewer than 12 credit hours per semester or should you reduce your hours after registration.
  • The Financial Aid Office determines your aid eligibility based on your enrollment on the first day of class for each semester.
  • Your award does not apply to non-credit courses. Your award is dependent upon your satisfactory academic progress.
  • Your academic progress will be reviewed at the end of each semester.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or revise your aid, including possible repayment of aid, at any time for reasons that include but are not limited to the following: Failure to make satisfactory academic progress, changes in the availability of funds, changes in marital status and changes in Financial Resources.

The ACC Financial Aid Office will perform the required federal calculation (Return of Title IV) for students who withdraw from all classes for the semester OR do not earn passing grades in all classes for the semester. Students may be required to return (pay back) financial aid funds to ACC and the U.S. Department of Education.

Books & Supplies

If you have money left over after your aid is applied to your tuition and fees, you may use the balance to purchase books and supplies (check WebACCess to determine your balance). There are two options to get your books and supplies:

  • Use your remaining balance at the ACC Bookstore. Check the Latest News section on the ACC Financial Aid website for dates that your aid will be available at the ACC Bookstore, OR,
  • Wait for your aid refund check to be mailed to you. Students with aid balances on the first day of class will have their refunds mailed first. Refund dates are posted to the Latest News section of the ACC Financial Aid website.


Check the Latest News section for up-to-date information on aid refund checks.  To ensure that your refund check is processed in a time manner:

  • Submit all requested documents to the Financial Aid Office by the posted deadline
  • Promptly respond to any Financial Aid Office correspondence (email, phone calls, etc)
  • Make sure your mailing address is correct
  • Clear any holds on your record

Financial Aid for Mini Semesters

 Students may be awarded financial aid for mini semester terms under the following conditions:

  • Students at Alvin Community College, who enroll in the first mini semester, may receive aid before classes begin (if all deadlines and other requirements are met).
  • FIRST TIME students at Alvin Community College, who enroll in the second mini semesters, may receive aid before classes begin (if all deadlines and other requirements are met).
  • CONTINUING students at Alvin Community College, who enroll in the second mini semester, will be awarded aid at the end of the term based on the classes successfully completed.
  • No aid is awarded before classes begin for third mini semester classes, but students will be awarded aid at the end of the term based on the classes successfully completed.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship CHECKS must be on file with the Financial Aid Office by August 1st to be applied to student's tuition and fee statement. Please note that a letter or certificate will not be accepted as a form of payment.  Any student who has received a scholarship for the upcoming term must confirm their scholarship award with the Financial Aid Office by email at

  • Any student receiving all or part of his tuition from a third party must confirm eligibility with the Alvin Community College Business Office prior to the registration deadline. If you early register, you must confirm your eligibility before the early registration payment deadline. Failure to do so will result in having to re-register for classes during campus registration.
  • Third party sponsors include: The WorkSource, Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Texas Tomorrow Fund, Educational Aide Exemption, Veterans Rehab Chapter 35, Americorp, 3 Year Early Grad Award, Coast Guard, and employers who pre-pay for their employees.


Copies of the Alvin Community College Financial Aid Processing and Procedures Manual are available in the Financial Aid Office (upon request). 

Financial Aid Office
Fax: 281.756.3840