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General Information

Priority Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Your FAFSA must be completed and submitted by the following deadlines in order for your aid to be available for tuition and fee payment.

  • Fall semester April 1st
  • Spring semester October 1st
  • Summer semester March 1st

If your FAFSA is not received by the Priority Deadline, your aid may not be available for tuition and fee payment.  Be prepared to use personal funds for payment.

Holiday Mini Semester Tuition and Fee Payment

Aid payments for Holiday Mini Semester classes are not automatic.  If you choose to enroll in  classes, please see the information below to determine if your financial aid will pay for your tuition and fees.

  • If you enrolled previously in the semester, you will be responsible for paying your tuition and fees for Holiday Mini Semester classes.  If you meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for the 12 Week, Mini2, or Mini3 classes, then your Pell Grant will be adjusted (if your are eligible) after you have completed the classes.  Loans are not applied/adjusted for Holiday Mini Semester enrollment.
  • If you are enrolling for the first time for the semester (you did not enroll previously in the semester) then Pell Grant will be applied to your Holiday Mini Semester tuition and fees if you meet all of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements.  Please email the ACC Financial Aid Office once you have registered (  Loan funds are not applied/adjusted for Holiday Mini Semester enrollment.

Financial Aid Adjustments

ACC reserves the right to cancel or revise your aid, including possible repayment of aid, at any time for reasons that include but are not limited to the following: eligibility, failure to make satisfactory academic progress, changes in the availability of funds, changes in marital status, and changes in financial resources. 

Scholarship Deadline

Scholarship CHECKS must be on file with the financial aid office by August 1st to be applied to student's tuition and fee statement. Please note that a letter or certificate will not be accepted as a form of payment.  Any student who has received a scholarship for the upcoming term must confirm their scholarship award with the Financial Aid Office by email at

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