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General Information

Financial Aid Application Deadline

Your FAFSA must be completed and submitted by the following deadlines in order Financial Aid applications are accepted throughout the year; however, some funds are limited and awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Apply early for the best opportunities.


Financial Aid Census Date

Financial Aid Census Date is the day that the ACC Financial Aid Office will look at your enrollment for the semester.  The number of eligible registered hours will determine your Financial Aid Award for the semester.  The Financial Aid Census Date will be posted under the Latest News Section, “Important Dates” on the Financial Aid homepage

How does this affect my financial aid award package?

  • If you increase or decrease your enrollment level through the Financial Aid census date, your financial aid will be adjusted, as appropriate, to ensure that the allocation/award is correct.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you decrease your enrollment after the first class day but on or before the census date, your aid will be decreased as well to match your enrollment status (as already explained).  However, you may still owe some tuition and fee charges to the school because of the refund policy.  Students in this situation will be responsible for any balance owed to the cashier’s office.
  • For “Return to Title IV”, aid eligibility begins on the first day of classes and is calculated day to day, therefore, a student who drops all their classes, or earns a zero GPA for the semester, will be assigned a Return to Title IV (R2T4) status.  R2T4 students may owe a balance.  More information about R2T4 may be found on our website, catalog and class schedule.
  • If you increase your enrollment level after census date, your aid will NOT be increased.  This means, for example, a student who is enrolled in 10 credits as of the census date, and who later adds a 2 credit hours, will not have aid adjusted upward to the full-time level.  Rather, the aid will remain at the ¾ time level.
  • If you decrease your enrollment level after the census date, your aid will not be reduced.  However, students who earn a zero GPA may still owe a balance because of the required Return of Title IV calculation.

Some additional notes about census date and financial aid:

If the initial financial aid award is made:

  • Before census, awarding is based on the assumption that you will be enrolled full time.  (12 credit hours or more)
  • After census, awarding is based on your actual enrollment status.

For Additional Information, please contact the ACC Financial Aid Office.
Email:  FA@ALVINCOLLEGE.EDU  Or   Visit:  Building A, Room A155

Financial Aid Adjustments

ACC reserves the right to cancel or revise your aid, including possible repayment of aid, at any time for reasons that include but are not limited to the following: eligibility, failure to make satisfactory academic progress, changes in the availability of funds, changes in marital status, and changes in financial resources. 

Scholarship Deadline

Scholarship CHECKS must be on file with the financial aid office by August 1st to be applied to student's tuition and fee statement. Please note that a letter or certificate will not be accepted as a form of payment.  Any student who has received a scholarship for the upcoming term must confirm their scholarship award with the Financial Aid Office by email at

Alvin Community College Cost of Attendance

2018 - 2019 Student Budgets

Dependent In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State
Tuition 1380 2760 4200
Fees 618 618 618
Books/Supplies 1795 1795 1795
Room/Board 2810 2810 2810
Transportation 2549 2549 2549
Personal Expenses 1916 1916 1916
Total 11068 12448 13888

Independent In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State
Tuition 1380 2760 4200
Fees 618 618 618
Books/Supplies 1795 1795 1795
Room/Board 7685 7685 7685
Transportation 2549 2549 2549
Personal Expenses 1916 1916 1916
Total 15943 17323 18763

Contact Information

Financial Aid Office Email Address:
Financial Aid Office Fax Number: (281) 756-3840

Financial Aid Office
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Fridays during the Summer.

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