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Foreign Languages

Students who want to major in Foreign Languages at a 4-year college/university, typically major in General Liberal Arts while attending ACC.

We offer French (four semesters), German (four semesters), and Spanish (five semesters), in addition to several Foreign Languages courses.

Spanish 231X Online

Hold the key to Different Worlds - Learn Spanish


Language Placement Exam (French, German, Spanish)

Students cannot enroll in any Language Program (Second Language or Heritage Language) if they have not taken the Placement Exam required in each track.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in being dropped from the class. 

Based on performance on the placement exam, students may be placed in foreign language courses 1412, 2311, 2312, 2313, or 2315 and may earn up to 11 credit hours. This is not automatic!

After completing the course into which the student was placed, the student may request credit by prior learning for the preceding courses.


Saul Olivares
Foreign Languages Instructor
French, German,  Spanish
Alvin Campus, G-118

For accommodations: 281-756-3533 or email:

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