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Writing Assistance


On this page, you will have access to writing tutorials, tips on how to avoid plagiarism, information on copyright, research tutorials as well as tutorials on how to use the tools in the library website. 

Writing a Research Paper

How to Write a Term Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

Writing Help

Purdue University's OWL Writing Center has PowerPoint Presentations as well as Hypertext Workshops that have powerful instruction on writing. (Doesn't take much time but has the goods!)


Hypertext Workshops:


Is your paper bleeding red? Are you not sure what your instructor means by "split infinitive" or "dangling modifier"?

Big Dog's Grammar is the place to clean up the red and improve your grade!

Citing sources in your work

MLA Style

APA Style

Chicago Manual 


What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a plague that can kill your academic career. Well...that's not exactly right but it is dishonest. With permission from the author, this link takes you to a brief explanation of plagiarism, what it is and how to avoid it:


Rutgers University has a tutorial here and here.


Copyright information

All of the pages in a book or on the web were created by that someone. They are owned, for the most part, by that someone. If another person uses that material without permission they are violating the copyright law, or are they? This link takes you to a document, used with permission from the author, that explains the copyright law and what can be used in education:



Research Tutorials

The following are tutorials specific for online research tools for ACC students:

Finding a book using the online catalog

How to find articles and books in the Texshare databases

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