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Identifying Alvin Community College

The College is a community institution. We are committed to being a vital part of the community, changing as community needs change, and providing leadership to help the community face the challenges of the future. These guidelines were created to promote a more cohesive, unified look as the consistent image of Alvin Community College (ACC) is established both internally and externally. Creating this consistent identification of ACC is essential in establishing a constant awareness in the community. Use this guide as a handy reference for guidelines on issues specific to ACC.

The ACC Identity Guide should be used in the preparation of all publications, newsletters, flyers, etc. Although a distinction may be made between internal and external communications, keep in mind that sometimes communications meant for inside audiences does find a way to the community at large.

The best procedure is to be consistent and professional in any communication that reflects upon the college. 

Contact Information:

Lorrent J. Smith
of Marketing and Communications
Building C, Room 235 
Phone: 281-756-3569

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