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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ACC Partners with Museum for Exhibit

The Alvin Museum Society teamed up with Alvin Community College to help history enthusiasts use their smart phones to learn more about the region.

In conjunction with the Lake Jackson Museum, an app was created that utilizes QR codes with OneCell technology that will bring up written text and audio about a particular location or exhibit at the Alvin and Lake Jackson Museums.

“Museum visitors can their smart phones to get a tour of the whole museum or just for the exhibits they are interested in,” said Tom Stansel, Alvin Museum Society curator. “We have QR Codes at the entry as well as for the individual exhibits that the visitor can scan to bring up a picture of the exhibit as both written text and the audio.”

ACC Communications Chair Bill Lewis lent his voice for the audio recordings that bring the exhibits to life.

“He is the go-to guy for anything of this nature the Alvin Museum Society needs,” Stansel said. “ACC has always supported the society in anything we have requested. They allowed the Society storage, display and meeting space at the college for over 20 years as well as CAD drawings to regenerate The crestings at our cottage.”

Lewis said he was glad to have the opportunity to help add to the experience for Museum visitors.

“The museum here in Alvin is one of the jewels of the community,” he said. “They have worked hard through the years to acquire some very interesting historical pieces that help tell the story of the people and the town.  It was a real privilege and honor for me to be asked to help out.”

Lewis’ voice was used to describe 26 separate exhibits with the Alvin Museum.

“In the future we plan to expand the use to include our Rogers House Museum as well as for driving tours around town and walking tours in the downtown section of town explaining the history of the various buildings/sites,” Stansel said.

The Musuem Society pursued the OneCell project because it gives visitors more information about the exhibits while also freeing up the volunteers who operate the facility.

“We only have a few people who have the knowledge to conduct a docent tour of the museum or expand on the information in the exhibit,” Stansel said. “We still do tours for groups and answer questions if they don’t have smart phones or have additional questions.”

For more information about the new program or to hear the new audio, visit



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