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Monday, April 17, 2017

ACC Dual Degree Grads Top Students at Turner

Alvin Community College celebrates with Robert Turner College and Career High School, as their top 10 graduates will soon walk across the ACC stage as Dual Degree graduates.


Dual Degree graduates receive their Associate Degree in General Studies prior to receiving their high school diploma. To receive their associate’s degree, students must earn 60 hours of college coursework.

“I am overjoyed by the success of our Dual Credit program at Turner,” said Akilah Martin, ACC Director of College and Career Pathway. “Turner student successes are a direct reflection of the quality of education and support that students receive from our ACC faculty and our advisor, Ms. Gwendolyn Burgess. It is also a reflection of the culture of success that permeates throughout the Turner campus, under the leadership of Principal, Dr. Morrow and her entire staff.”

ACC Sociology instructor Traci Elliot said the students at Turner are motivated in their educational goals.

“The kids were very interested, motivated and involved with class and each other,” she said. “I was impressed with their dedication to their college courses at such a young age.”

Students seeking the associate’s degree have increased dramatically since ACC's first dual degree grad, Thomas Schuenemann, in 2008. Since the first graduate to 2016, the ACC Dual Credit program has graduated 215 students.

“We’ve worked diligently to ensure that the ACC Dual Credit Program is a stellar program that produces students who are well rounded, educated, and ready for the next phase of their life,” Martin said. “To have all top ten graduates of the 2017 graduating class of Turner also be graduates of our program is a testament that our hard work is paying off, we’re positively impacting the lives and futures of these students and we’re doing something right.”

The top 10 students at Turner are: Emily Aguiar, Kane Berger, Eden Garza, Kaylen Hayes, Timothy Hrncirik, Kevin Kuriachan, Daisy Lopez, Ana Ortiz, Rahul Paul and Sasha Sillas.

Turner is projected to have a record 85 Dual Degree graduates this year. There are 711 students currently enrolled in the Dual Degree program at Turner.

“The program has grown over the years because of all the hard work done by the ACC and Turner faculty, staff,” Burgess said. “This program takes a great deal of care management by all.  To see the happy and excited faces of my graduates endorses the value of the Dual Credit/Degree Program and confirms that it works and builds not only academics success, but also character.”

The program is currently offered at seven regional campuses and may have up to 125 graduates in May.



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