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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ACC Hosts Career Readiness Week

While students come to Alvin Community College for an education, one of the most important skills the college tries to teach are preparation for a career.

During Career Readiness Week on April 10-13, the college offered seminars on resume writing, online reputation, interview skills as well as a Fashion Show to demonstrate proper attire for interviews.

“Career Week is designed to inform and prepare students for all aspects of the job hunt,” Career Services specialist Melissa Ramirez said.

Alvin Community College faculty and students took to the runway on April 12 to show students the best way to dress for a job interview during a fashion show. The models dressed in various styles from professional to casual while audience members in the Student Center decided whether they were “hired” or “fired.”

t is essential to educate students on the power of a well written resume as well as how to confidently walk into an interview,” Ramirez said.

As more and more young professionals use social media in their search for a career, the college offered a seminar to help students maintain a professional online reputation. An unflattering photo on the Internet could sink an applicant’s chances of getting a position, Ramirez said.

Today’s applicants need to be cognizant regarding their online presence,” she said. “Social media can be used as an effective job search tool, but it also has the potential to hinder one’s chance at securing a job if not used correctly.”

A resume is sometimes the first interaction between an employer and a potential employee. Ramirez conducted a list of dos and don’ts in a resume-writing seminar.

Another important skill in hunting for a job is the interview. Candidates who present themselves well and answer questions directly and appropriately among other qualities will improve their ability to land a position. Mock interviews were held for students to help them demonstrate these skills.

“This year I am extremely excited to offer our students the chance at participating in a mock interview,” Ramirez said. “Participant will receive feedback on fundamental areas such as resume, interview attire, and the delivery of their interview answers. Preparation is the key to success.”

While employers ask most of the questions in an interview, they want questions from the candidate about the company and their position. When applicants ask questions, it shows interest in the position, she said.

“Plus you can obtain valuable information from them about what type of employee they are seeking,” she said.

To learn more about Career Services, visit or call 281-756-3560.



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