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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ACC Has Record Dual Degree Grads

During a Alvin Community College Commencement ceremony on May 13,  another record number of Alvin, Manvel, Dawson and Turner high school walked across the stage at ACC just weeks ahead of getting their high school diplomas.

ACC had 131 students who successfully earned 60 hours of college coursework through participation in the Alvin Community College Dual Credit-Dual Degree program and completed their Associate Degree in General Studies.

Most dual graduate students begin their journey as freshmen, taking classes on their high school campus and any additional courses needed at ACC or online. Advisors say it takes a lot of work and the students have to stay on task.

“Each year our Dual Degree graduates continue to grow. It is a true testament to the ambition, drive, and fortitude of the students and the ACC program, faculty and staff,” said Akilah Martin, ACC Director  of College and Career Pathway. “As we continue to share the stories of these students and educate families, counselors and teachers about the program, I am confident that we will continue to see these numbers increase.”

Students seeking the associates degree have increased dramatically since ACC's first dual degree grad, Thomas Schuenemann, in 2008. Since the first graduate, the ACC Dual Credit program has graduated 337 students. There are now more than 1,600 students enrolled in the program at six area campuses, with a seventh being added next school year-Shadow Creek HS.

This year, many of the top students at Alvin, Manvel and Turner High Schools are also ACC students including: 15 of the top 20 at Alvin, 17 of the top 20 at Manvel and all ten of the Top 10 students at Turner High School.

The 2016-17 graduates from Alvin High School are: Christine Estrada, Samantha Evans, Pedro Garcia-Calero, Chavez Garza, Amber Gonzalez, Signe Gostomski, Shelby McMeekin, Jazmin Medina, George Perez, Julia Pittman, Bethany Reed, Lindy Reed, Savannah Skinkis, Colton Stanley and Jossue Velazquez.

The Manvel High School graduates are: Jose Alonso, Adaugo Anyalebechi, Alyssa Cerda, Myia Collins, Nickolas Cooper, Vhenyse Encarnacion, Bethany Fortune, Anthony  Guiton, Zaakirah Holmes, Yelitza Martinez, Mark Mejia, Jeff Onyemachi, Nikolas Prazak, Hector Ramirez, Breaunna Schatz, Johali Serrano, Kameron Smith, Victoria Vira and Elyce West.

Turner High School graduates are: Alison Adams, Emily Aguiar, Carissa Aguirre, Maria  Alvarado, Alfonso Badillo, Kendall Baker, Kane Berger, Reid Blanchard, Michael Blankenship, Bailey Bradley, Eric  Burrell, Taylor Bussey, Kindel Calanchi, Lauryn Carter, Melani Castro, Ciara Cloran, Amy Danh, Juan De la Garza, Sydney Dixon, Samantha Dixon, Evelyn Espinosa, Samantha Esquivel, Eden  Garza, Alexis Gomez , Abel Gonzalez, Lisa Halford, Alexa Hall, Zoe Hart, Ryan Hashem, Kaylen Hayes, Andres Hinojosa, Kaitlynn Hoang, Shane Hoffower, Ryan  Holt, Ray Hunter Jr, Miroslava Jerez, Taylor Kelley, Keith Kenney, Jessica Kuntz, Kevin Kuriachan, Antonio Laffoon, Jeramisia Lewis Hogan, Cambre Little, Jared Lorance, Kaitlyn Manzanaris, Tayler Mckenzie, Jasmine Meng, Blair Mitchell, Stephanie Molina, Joseph Montemayor, Alecia Mota, Alexander Nguyen, Daniel Nguyen, Kelly Nguyen, Arvin Josh Noble, Michael Nyairo, Tai Odion, Juan Olveda, Ana  Ortiz, Nadia Partida, Rahul Paul, Stephen Pena, Johnathan Pruitt, John Anthony Ramillano, Juan Regino, Trenton Rogers, Donavan Rothman, Parker Roy, Evelyn Russell, Sean Schaffner, Nicholas Seydler, Cheyenne Shull, Sasha Sillas, Christopher Simons, Lindsey Smith, Lauryn Smith, Sina Soeum, Alyssa Stephens, Luke Tadlock, Victoria Trevino, Nicholas Trinh, Daniel Trosper, Naelie Vancia, Madelynn Vickers, Kailey  Waddell, Rayna Ware and Jessica Zavala.

Dawson High School student Jonathan Bartholomae graduated from the Dual Degree program.

If you are interested in learning more about the ACC Dual Credit/Dual Degree programs, visit the program online at, Facebook and/or Twitter.



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