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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ACC Graduated Admitted to Harvard Law School

ACC Graduated Admitted to Harvard Law School

When it came time for Alvin Community College alum Sarah Coe to choose between chemistry or political science at Southwestern University, she opted to do both.

“I really love science and I really love law, so I don’t want to stop doing either,” she said.

Now she will attend a school whose alumni include several U.S. presidents.

Her propensity to pursue opportunities to the fullest has helped her land a spot at Harvard University’s vaunted Law School. She was encouraged to apply by a friend and Coe said she did so on a whim.

“I was really surprised,” Coe said. “I wasn’t expecting to get in.”

She chose to go to law school because, like her double major, it covers a variety of topics.

“I’ve always loved the law,” she said. “It’s really interesting and it’s a melding of various disciplines.”

Coe is a former homeschool student from Friendswood who also graduated from ACC three years ago in the Honors program. She was one of the founding members of the ACC Honors Student Organization.

Sarah always immersed herself in her Honors work, no matter which subject it was,” said Dr. Ann Guess, former Honors chair. “And her work was always thorough and thoughtful.”

Coe also went beyond her own studies to help other students on their research.

“I'm certain she will be successful at Harvard and in her law career, no matter which area she chooses to focus on,” Guess said.

She graduated this spring with her double major and will begin taking classes at Harvard in the Fall. Coe said her time with the Honors program helped her develop the skills she needed to gain admission. She also feels that ACC faculty members, including Guess, prepared her well for the future.

I really give a lot of credit to the Honors Program,” she said.” That gave me important experience in research and presenting my work.”

Once she finishes law school, Coe said she plans to start a career that combines her two favorite passions, the law and science.

“I am looking to go into patent law,” she said. “I want to work at a firm to get more experience and learn more about what I want to do.”



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