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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ACC Police to Establish Bike Patrol

One of the key aspects of a functional learning environment is a safe environment.

Alvin Community College Police Chief Ike Hammrick will use a recent grant to increase safety on campus with the help of a bicycle patrol.

“The bike patrol will allow officers to maneuver around the campus quickly, yet provide a more personal contact with the college community,” Hammrick said.

The ACC Police Department received $500 from the Foundation Innovative Initiative Grant program to help establish the patrol.

The Innovative Initiative Grants were awarded to eleven projects this spring. They are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative approaches to fulfill the mission of the college. The grants will be used for the 2016-17 academic year.

Funds from the grant will fund equipment for the patrol bicycles and the officers including lights, a bike rack and safety equipment. Alvin Police Department will provide the bikes for the patrol initially.

The bicycles will help lower fuel costs due to a slight reduction in the number of vehicular patrols.

Hammrick said the patrol is an excellent way of allowing officers to patrol areas not accessible by vehicle.

“Officers assigned to bike patrol will be able to access areas where it is difficult for a patrol car to go, such as the track and courtyard,” he said. “Officers assign to bike patrol will take calls like any other officer, except their mode of travel will be a bicycle.”

The patrol will also be used for events on or near the campus that attracts large crowds.

“Bike patrol officers will also be used during special events such as Fall Festival, next year’s July 4th Celebration and the Rotary Music Festival,” Hammrick said.

The patrols are expected to begin by the end of July.

The patrol will start with two officers and is expected to increase to four.

The Foundation issued $12,038 in Innovative Initiative grants this year. To learn more about the Foundation, visit or call 281-756-3600.



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