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Monday, October 23, 2017

ACC Bond to Overhaul Campus Infrastructure

The operations of any college depends heavily on equipment and support systems. At Alvin Community College, much of its infrastructure has been in place since the campus opened in 1962.

“Our infrastructure is showing its age, and it has had adverse consequences for the college,” President Dr. Christal M. Albrecht said.

ACC is seeking a $48.5 million bond issue on the Tuesday, November 7 ballot. The bond proceeds will fund upgrades for campus safety and security, overhaul critical systems and improvements and fund the construction and equipment for a new, career-focused Technical/Academic Building.

If approved by voters, approximately $12 million would be used to overhaul infrastructure on the ACC campus. Some of the facilities are more than 50 years old. The improvements would include upgrades to the HVAC, system, electrical, plumbing, food service equipment, replacement of aging sidewalks, and more.

“These critical systems are vital to the college’s day-to-day operations,” Albrecht said. “If they are not functioning properly, it causes disruptions in the classroom and the student learning environment.”

Since January, ACC has had numerous issues on campus that have caused some classes to be cancelled or moved to alternate locations. Those problems have included gas leaks, equipment failure, chiller malfunction, and plumbing issues.

One such leak earlier in the year caused concern over the safety of the drinking water.

“Our students and staff have been adversely impacted by these infrastructure failings,” Albrecht said.

Some of the issues have also caused injuries to students and staff.

”Some of the sidewalks, which have become uneven due to their age, have created hazards, occasionally on a daily basis,” Albrecht said.

The infrastructure portion of the bond would include funds to repair sidewalks on campus.

While the critical systems improvements would create a more functional campus, they would also have an additional benefit of reducing ACC’s ongoing maintenance expenses.

“These infrastructure improvements would allow many of our buildings to be more energy efficient, less costly to operate, and would allow students and staff to have access to modern technology,” Albrecht said.

Early voting for the election will be October 23-November 3. The election is Tuesday, November 7. Visit for more information.



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