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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Baseball/Softball Teams Ready for Spring

The Alvin Community College Softball squad hopes to improve its standing in the conference while the Baseball team is primed to take on competition in the NJCAA Region 14.

Both teams are gearing up this offseason for their Spring 2018 debut in January.

The Softball players turned in a disappointing 15-26 season in 2017 but were just a few wins shy of entering the Region 14 Tournament. Head Coach Rudi Cantu  has seven players returning to this year’s squad.

“I believe the seven sophomores will help with experience and my freshman that are here will produce in big ways,” Cantu said. “I have 2 ace pitchers, Nanushka Kellogg and Jessica Wood. They will be effective in the circle and my sophomores will lead us. It should be a great year for us.”

The experience on the team will propel them against their competition and Cantu believes they can improve upon their defense to win.

“My kids hit well but always seemed to be mental when it came to defense. We have worked hard this fall to improve both. If we stay tough mentally, it’ll be an exciting year for us.”

This season will be the first for the Softball team to have its own fieldhouse, which was constructed during the fall.

“My team is very excited to move into our new home, as am I,” Cantu said. “The process started about 3 years ago and it’s finally here. If it weren’t for the hard work and dedication from our President, Dr. Christal M. Albrecht all the way down to my players, this would have never happened. So much went into this project and I can’t wait for my girls to get in there.”

The Baseball team put up a 29-25-1 record in 2017 and had a strong showing in the Region 14 tournament. Head Coach Jason Schreiber believes he has a strong team that will advance further in the tournament in 2018.

“We set out this year to find great teammates, guys that all have the same purpose of taking care of business on and off the field,” Schreiber said. “I feel like we have a great group of teammates, guys that want to play together. I think this will allow us to show a big improvement over last year.”

The team has four position players returning: JC Correa, Sean Kinel, Michael Rohland and Jermayne Ward. Five pitchers will be also be taking the mound again including: Aaron Gonzalez, Cole Pletka, Jessie Ramirez, Trent Sholders and Andrew Wood.

“Two starters from last year’s team, JC Correa who had a monster freshmen year at the plate, and  shortstop Jermayne Ward who may be the best defensive player this program has ever had,” Schreiber said. “We also are returning five pitchers that had good years last year and are showing big improvements this fall.”

The team performed well this fall in all areas which will serve them well during the season, he said.

“This fall we showed a strong pitching staff, the ability to play defense at a high level, and more speed on offense,” he said. “This year’s team may not put up the power numbers we typically put up but I think our ability to run will provide a more consistent offense.”

Schreiber said it will be a challenge to find the right roles for his players on the field.

“The biggest thing we need to figure out with this year’s team is what role each guy fits into best,” he said. “We have a lot of versatility this year, with guys talented enough to play multiple positions, our job as coaches is to put these guys into the best position for them to be successful and for the team to be successful.”

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