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Pharmacy Technician

Course Descriptions
The following is a list/description of the required course work for the Pharmacy Technician Program:

Introduction to Pharmacy: The student will receive an overview of the qualifications, operational guidelines, and job duties of a pharmacy technician.  Topics include definitions of a pharmacy environment, the profile of a pharmacy technician, legal and ethical guidelines, job skills and duties, verbal and written communication skills, professional resources, safety techniques, and supply and inventory techniques.

Pharmacy Terminology: This course will introduce the student to the language of Pharmacy and  Health Care Professions as related to the systems of the human body.  The student will learn about different health care careers as related to medical terminology.

Pharmaceutical Mathematics:  The student will master reading, interpreting, and solving calculation problems encountered in the preparation and distribution of drugs. Conversion of measurements within the apothecary, avoirdupois, and metric systems with emphasis on the metric system of weight and volume will be included.  Topics include ratio and proportion, percentage, dilution and concentration, milliequivalents, units, intravenous flow rates, and solving dosage problems.

Drug Classification:  The students will learn the many dosage formulations and administration, how the body metabolizes drugs, and will have a basic understanding of how drugs are classified and what conditions or diseases each class of drug treats.

Community Pharmacy:  The student will master the skills necessary to interpret, prepare, label, and maintain records of physicians’ medication orders and prescriptions.  This course will train the student in the administration of supply, inventory, and data entry.  Topics include customer service and advisement, count and pour techniques, drug selection and preparation, over-the-counter drugs, price labeling, record keeping, stock level adjustment, maintenance of new drug requests, data input and editing, and third party billing.

Institutional Pharmacy:  The student will explore the unique role and practice of pharmacy technicians in an institutional pharmacy with emphasis on daily pharmacy operation.  Topics include hospital pharmacy organization, work flow and personnel, safety techniques, data entry, packaging and labeling operations, inpatient drug distribution systems, unit dose chart fills, quality assurance, drug storage, and inventory control.

Drug Therapy and Treatment:  The student will learn therapeutic agents, their classifications, properties actions, and effects on the human body and their role in the management of disease.  The student will learn detailed information regarding drug dosages, side effects, interactions, toxicities, and incompatibilities.

Intravenous Admixture & Sterile Compounding:  The student will master the skills for compounding sterile products and intravenous admixtures.  The student will be introduced to sterile products, hand washing techniques, pharmaceutical calculations, references, safety techniques, aseptic techniques in parenteral compounding, proper use of equipment, (syringes, needles, auto injectors, pumps), preparations of sterile products (intravenous, irrigations, ophthalmic, total parenteral nutrition, and chemotherapy drugs), and safe handling of antineoplastic drugs.

Practicum—Pharmacy Technician Internship:  The student will complete an externship of 256 hours.  This can be completed at one location or split into 2 locations such as retail and hospital.

Practicum Eligibility:  The student must complete the following courses with a C or higher prior to the practicum semester:

  • Pharmacy Terminology, PHRA 1315
  • Introduction to Pharmacy, PHRA 1301
  • Pharmaceutical Mathematics, PHRA 1309
  • Community Pharmacy Practice, PHRA 1313

In addition to the above academic requirements, students must have completed the following immunization requirements:

  • Hepatitis-B Series (3 injections)
  • Varicella
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Measles (second vaccination)
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria
  • Received a non-reactive PPD (purified protein derivative) skin test for Tuberculosis with the last calendar year which will not lapse during their practicum semester.

Finally, students must complete the state legal and regulatory requirement:  register as a Pharmacy Technician in Training at and complete the background check.


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