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Honors Program

Honors Program Overview & Purpose

Do you have what it takes to be an honors student?

  • Are you highly motivated and eager to prove your academic abilities?
  • Do you enjoy solving problems at a higher level and are less than satisfied with the challenges you are faced with in your current classes?

Then you may qualify to be one of a handful of ACC students eligible to take honors classes.

The Alvin Community College Honors Program offers opportunities for motivated and ambitious students to challenge themselves and to enhance their ability to succeed at higher levels academically.

The Honors Program allows students a flexible, collaborative setting where they enjoy a vibrant and stimulating classroom experience. 

Students are encouraged to develop independent projects with ACC faculty members and are exposed to the interactive, critical environment that will define their future careers.

Honors Presentation
ACC honors students will be well prepared to succeed in the increasingly competitive world that confronts all our graduates. The Honors Program works closely with Phi Theta Kappa and other students organizations to enhance the quality of the ACC experience and actively assists students as they transfer to senior institutions across the country.

The Honors Faculty includes ACC's most energetic and committed teachers, all of whom are willing to give eligible students the extra time and attention necessary to develop and complete projects that demonstrate exceptional ability. 

The ACC Honors Program offers two types of classes. There are a few Honors course sections where a small number of qualified students take a class that is then taught at a more demanding level academically. Students can also receive honors credit by completing honors projects in addition to completing the work load in a normal class.

Successful completion of each honors course is noted on student transcripts, and students are recognized at ACC’s Awards Day ceremony.

In addition, successful completion of at least twelve Honors credits qualifies students for recognition at graduation as Honors Program Graduates with special graduation regalia to designate this achievement. 

The Honors designation demonstrates to universities that you are serious student and are deserving of due consideration when considering your application. It can also enhance your ability to get scholarships that will help defray the increasingly exorbitant costs of higher education.

Contact Information

Professor Elizabeth McLane, M.A., M.S.
Phone: 281-756-3742
Building G, Room 164

Professor Tonya Reid Creel, M.A.
Phone: 281.756.3974
Building D, Room 238