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Alvin Community College Institutional Goals

To fulfill its stated Mission, the College has established specific goals that are modified as needed to meet changing circumstances. These goals are as follows:

1.      To provide appropriate academic courses in the arts and sciences for those pursuing associate
         degrees or planning to transfer to a senior institution.

2.      To provide one - and two - year technical programs that prepare graduates to enter business
         or industry with marketable skills.

3.      To provide programs that assist students to master skills that are fundamental to academic
         and career achievement.

4.      To provide continuing education programs that incorporate current and new technical
         courses, training partnerships with business and industry, and other opportunities for
         individuals to acquire and upgrade skills or seek personal enrichment.

5.      To provide an environment that supports and encourages students in their academic
         advancement and assist them in their personal and social development.

6.      To provide for the systematic measurement of academic excellence and institutional
         effectiveness and evaluate the progress of the institution's achievement of its strategic

7.      To provide opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and/or articulation with area schools,
         community colleges, universities, industries, and local government.

8.      To maintain a commitment to educational excellence through intensive efforts to recruit,
         retain, develop, and support an outstanding faculty and staff.

9.      To provide a cost - effective use of human, physical, and fiscal resources.

10.    To maintain a safe and inviting campus environment.

11.    To recruit, retain, and educate students to their selected level of educational success.

Alvin Community College is committed to the purpose of Texas public community colleges as detailed in Section 130.003 of the Texas Education Code:

1.    The purpose of each public community college shall be to provide:

A.   technical programs up to two years in length leading to associated degrees or certificates;

B.   vocational programs leading directly to employment in semi-skilled and skilled occupations;

C.   freshman and sophomore courses in arts and sciences;

D.   continuing adult education programs for occupational or cultural

E.   compensatory education programs designed to fulfill the commitment of an admissions policy allowing the
enrollment of disadvantaged students;

F.   a continuing program of counseling and guidance designed to assist students in achieving their individual educational goals;

G.  workforce development programs designed to meet local and statewide needs;

H.   adult literacy and other basic skills programs for adults; and

I.    such other purposes as may be prescribed by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or local governing boards in the best interest of the post-secondary education in Texas


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Wendy Del Bello, Assistant to the President

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Phone: 281.756.3600

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