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Helicopter Pilot Training

Salaika AviationThe Continuing Education Workforce Development has a partnership that will bring Helicopter Training to ACC students. The program takes students through a ground training course that will prepare them to take the FAA private pilot written exam followed by helicopter pilot training where they will become a certified commercial helicopter pilot.

Certified pilots can find careers with life flight, sky tours, oil industry, television, search and rescue...any field that requires a helicopter pilot! 

Aviation Ground School - students will learn the fundamental rules of the air including light signals, beacons, radio use etc...

Flight Training - students will learn to master the aircraft. We have the classes broken into 25 hour blocks so students can take the hours as it fits into their schedule. 
(150 hours minimum to obtain Commercial License)

Required Materials
: Helicopter Pilot & Exercise Manual, Bundle, by Jeppesen (JS312502); Helicopter Syllabus by Jeppesen; FAR/AIM ;Plotter ;E6-B Flight Computer; Houston Sectional Map.(All materials can be found online or can be bought through instructor as a bundle for $350.61)

Must be at least 16 years of age and speak, read, understand and write English.

Upcoming Classes:

Aviation Ground School
Course No.                       Date(s)                      Time                            Day      Room    Instructor
CEAVIM 1090 AC01        Enroll Anytime        10:00AM - 12:00PM    TBA     TBA      T. Salaika
Fee(s): Tuition IN $2,400.00    Tuition OD $2,420.00     Other Fees $5.00

25 Flight Hour Block
  (Flight Training - Must complete 150 hr min. for commercial license)
Course No.                       Date(s)                      Time                              Day       Room    Instructor
CEAIRP 1091 AC01        Enroll Anytime          10:00AM - 12:00PM    TBA      TBA       T. Salaika
Fee(s): Tuition IN $9,525.00 (per block)   Tuition OD $9,545.00 (per block) Other Fees $5.00

For more information call the CE office at 281.756.3787
or visit H103 on ACC main campus.




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