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From basic torch cutting to more advanced arc and TIG welding techniques, the Welding program offers a variety of courses designed to help you start or continue a career in welding. Closely adhering to the quality standards set forth by the American Welding Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the ACC Welding Program teaches students the safe and effective use of tools as well as the skills needed to obtain employment.

Welding courses combine classroom studies with extensive hands-on training in the welding lab at the ACC Main Campus. Each student is furnished with a workstation and materials to maximize learning and small classes with a maximum students to instructor ratio of ten to one also ensure the best possible learning environment for welding students.

Historically, the demand for skilled welders has always been high and all indications show that career opportunities are steadily increasing. In the past, Alvin Community College welding graduates have found jobs in a number of industries including petrochemical refineries, construction companies, fabrication shops and ship yards.  The shortage of skilled welders has created a demand so great that entry-level positions now command excellent salaries and benefits.

The ACC Welding Program staff and instructors maintain relationships with business and industry leaders that help to keep students informed about the latest job opportunities available in the Houston area. A job placement counselor is available to assist graduates seeking employment and students are encouraged to join a registry of program graduates that is updated when new job opportunities arise. Courses are VA approved for those that qualify.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding - One of the most popular forms of welding, this process uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. This is one of the most popular welding forms for repair and maintenance work as well as industrial fabrication and construction.

TIG Welding - Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is a form of arc welding that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. Most commonly used to weld thin sections of material. This application is also used to weld thick metals together. This process is also used for exotic metals.

Pipe Welding - This type of welding simplest and most cost-effective way of connecting two or more pieces of pipe. Introduction to Stick Welding - An introduction to basic stick welding and torch cutting methods. This course is designed for the farmer, rancher, artist, or handyman that needs to safely perform the most basic welding operation. It is also intended for the entry level student who may decide to pursue further education and a career in welding.

Welding Job Training Certificate - This 420 hour certificate is more encompassing and will cover four techniques: torch cutting procedures, basic S.M.A.W., intermediate S.M.A.W. and advanced arc welding. Please contact the Welding Department at 281.756.3672 for further information regarding the scheduling of classes and course information. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify.

Welding Related Courses - Industrial Safety / First Aid and CPR

Customized Training - The Welding Program can develop custom courses for industry groups and businesses to train or upgrade employee skills. To learn more contact Marvin Tyson at 281.756.3671.

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