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Health and Fitness

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Kinesiology for Health and Fitness


Yoga has been practiced around the world for over 5,000 years, and offers a variety of physical, emotional and mental health benefits. With regular practice, yoga can:
  •     Aid in weight loss
  •     Increase flexibility, strength and fitness
  •     Improve posture
  •     Reduce stress
  •     Tones the muscles
A basic yogic practice is made up of three main components: Meditation for stress reduction, pranayama, breathing techniques that help you to control your body and mind; and asanas, poses to stretch your muscles and increase flexibility and muscle tone.   Yoga is non-competitive and leaves you feeling invigorated, yet calm and relaxed.

Classes will start as a beginner level and progress to an intermediate level. Each class consists of meditation, pranayama (breath techniques), and yoga poses.  Class ends with relaxation. See class dates below.

Upcoming Classes:

Summer Sessions
Course No.                    Date(s)                         Time                                Day       Room     Instructor  
CEPREC 1400 AC01    08/26/14 - 10/21/14     05:15pm - 06:30pm        TTH     H109      JBethscheider
CEPREC 1400 AC02    10/23/14 - 12/16/14     05:15pm - 06:30pm        TTH     H109     JBethscheider
Fee(s): Tuition $150.00 - 2 days / $75 - 1 day


Kinesiology for Health and Fitness

For people that are into working out or just want to learn more about how the body moves.  Ideal for yoga and fitness instructors!!This is an online 50 hour course dedicated to the study of basic anatomy and kinesiology.  The course will cover the scientific based medical principles towards the analysis, preservation and enhancement of human movement in health and fitness settings.  The students will gain an integrated understanding of anatomy, physiology, the associated biomechanics and movements of muscles and joints, and the neurological components of body position and reflex systems. For more info on this class contact Dr. Stacy Ebert at 281.756.3806 or  See class dates.

Upcoming Classes:

Coming Soon!

To learn more contact call 281.756.3787 or email



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