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Investment Disclosure

Public Funds Investment Act Compliance Audits and Higher Education Institution Investment Reporting Requirements in Accordance with Article III, “Rider 5”

Annual & Quarterly Investment Reports:

 May 2015 (Quarterly)
 February 2015 (Quarterly)
 November 2014 (Quarterly)
 August 2014 (Quarterly)
 May 2014 (Quarterly)
 February 2014 (Quarterly)
November 2013 (Quarterly)
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November 2010 (Quarterly)
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Annual Investment Reports:
Annual Investment Report, 2014
Annual Investment Report, 2013
Annual Investment Report, 2012
Annual Investment Report, 2011
Annual Investment Report, 2010
Annual Investment Report, 2009
Annual Investment Report, 2008


Investment Disclosure Questions

Alvin Community College does not employ outside investment advisors or managers to make investment decisions for the college.

Alvin Community College does not use soft dollar, directed brokerage or directed commission, commission recapture, or similar arrangements.

Alvin Community College is associated with a foundation, Alvin Community College Foundation.  The Foundation has engaged Scott Bolton with RBC Dain Rauscher to manage their investments.  Scott Bolton may be contacted at 303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 380, San Antonio, TX 78215-1284.  The market value of the Foundation’s investments at 12/31/13 is $2,362,307


For Inquiries please contact:

Deborah A. Kraft
Alvin Community College
Director/Fiscal Affairs
Phone:  281.756.3509
Fax:  281.756.3835

For Foundation Inquiries please contact:

Wendy Del Bello, Assistant to the President
Building B, Room 207
Phone: 281.756.3600

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