Process Technology (PTEC) Advisory Committee

Each institution must establish separate industry-based advisory committees for each workforce education program or cluster of closely related programs. The broad purposes of an advisory committee are 1) to help a college document the need for a workforce education program, and 2) to ensure that the program has both adequate resources and a well-designed curriculum to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to successfully meet the needs of business and industry. The advisory committee is one of the principle means of ensuring meaningful business and industry participation in program creation and revision. 

Next Process Technology Advisory Committee Meeting:

The next scheduled meeting of the ACC Process Technology Advisory Committee is March 11, 2015 at ACC from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm, and lunch will be provided.

PTEC Advisory Committee Minutes

Minutes for 2014
Minutes 3-5-2014
Minutes 6-11-2014
Minutes 9-10-2014
Minutes 12-3-2014

Minutes for 2013
Minutes 03-06-2013
Minutes 06-12-2013
Minutes 09-11-2013

Minutes for 2012

Minutes 12-12-2012
Minutes 09-19-2012
Minutes 06-13-2012

Minutes 03-28-2012

Minutes for 2011

Minutes 09-14-2011

Minutes 03-23-2011
Minutes 06-22-2011

Minutes for 2010

Minutes 03-17-2010
Minutes 06-09-2010
Minutes 09-22-2010
Minutes 12-08-2010 

Minutes for 2009
Minutes 03-11-2009
Minutes 07-01-2009
Minutes 09-23-2009
Minutes 12-09-2009

Minutes for 2008
Minutes 03-26-2008
Minutes 06-17-2008
Minutes 10-22-2008
Minutes 12-10-2008

Minutes Archived from 2002-2007 

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