Board of Regents

ACC Board of Regents

Front Row Seated (L to R): 'Bel Sanchez, Mike Pyburn, Jody Droege
Back Row (L to R): Jim Crumm, Cheryl Knape, Kam Marvel, Roger Stuksa, Patty Hertenberger, Andy Tacquard

Alvin Community College has nine members on the Board of Regents. Each member is elected to a six year term, and all members serve at-large.

The current members are:

Mike Pyburn, Chairman
'Bel Sanchez, Vice Chair
Kam Marvel
Jim Crumm
Jody Droege, Secretary
Cheryl Knape
Patty Hertenberger
Andy Tacquard
Roger Stuksa 

For more information about the Board of Regents, visit the Board Member Profiles page.