Procedures & Guidelines

Procedures & Guidelines
The following guidelines have been established for staff, faculty, and outside vendors for use as a tool in maintaining branding consistency. The main focus of these guidelines is to communicate a positive, unified visual message for ACC. These documents will be updated as changes occur and revisions will be communicated to all staff as necessary.

Branding Guidelines
Alvin Community College is an institution driven by principles and purpose primarily through our Mission and Vision statements. Here is a quick overview of ACC’s brand promise:



Alvin Community College exists to improve the lives of its constituents by providing affordable, accessible, high quality and innovative academic, technical and cultural educational opportunities for the diverse communities it serves.



As a premier college that provides high-quality academic, technical and cultural programs, Alvin Community College’s focus will be to promote student success, enhance quality of life and support economic development.

The visual branding scheme for Alvin Community College was designed to present one cohesive image of the College to all our stakeholders – students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, regents, and the community at large. Our visual identity consists of the ACC logo in all official configurations, a unique palette of colors, specific fonts and typographic treatments, and use of authentic photography. Our consistency in using these elements properly serves to reinforce the principles we stand for. Become a Defender of the Brand by ensuring that your communications consistently represent the ACC Brand!

Click here to download the Branding and Identity Standards Guide.

Editorial Guidelines
Coming Soon!

Email Signatures
As with all branding elements, your email signature is a representation of the College. For consistency, please refer to the Email Signature Guidelines to create your email signature.

Click here to download the Email Signature Guidelines.

ACC Print Shop
The ACC Print Shop is located on the first floor of Building D in Room 125. It is equipped with a Xerox D110 Copier/Printer and a Xerox Versant 180P color printer.
M-Th, 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
F, 8-11:30 a.m.


Click here to view the Print Shop Guidelines.
Click here to download instructions for sending jobs to the Print Shop.

Promotional Items
All requests for promotional items with the college logo must be approved by the Marketing & Media department before placing orders with vendors. This is to ensure the proper artwork is sent to the vendor and that all promotional items are representative of the college brand.

Marketing has an inventory of basic items such as pens, pencils, and notepads that can be provided for your event.

Once we have created the appropriate art for your product, we will supply the vendor with the necessary files.

The process to order specialized items could take up to two months to receive your final products, so please plan ahead.


The only website url that will be listed on promotional items is or

Deviations from the College logo and tagline will not be permitted. Departments may use special logos created by Marketing & Media.

Items should be ordered in coordination with the College’s official colors: red and black with white accent.


Cammy Guggisberg

Marketing Specialist

Office C233

Phone: 281.756.3550

Fax: 281.756.3956


Social Media Guidelines
ACC is excited to participate on social media and other online channels. Today’s students and the population in general relies more on digital media as a primary source of information. We strive to maintain this digital connection with our audiences through the management of the college’s official Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. We also maintain a presence on Snapchat and YouTube.


Facebook - Alvin Community College
Twitter - @accnews
YouTube - ACCNewsClips
LinkedIn - Alvin Community College
Instagram - @alvincollege
Snapchat - AlvinCollege
Please take time to read the guidelines and become familiar with the college’s view on proper social media engagement. We desire that all communication uphold the image of the college as in institution that provides a high-quality educational experience that promotes student success and enhances quality of life.

Click here to download the Social Media Standards and Guidelines.

Web Submission & Maintenance Guidelines
Coming Soon!

For more information regarding Marketing & Media guidelines contact:
Lorrent Smith
Director, Marketing and Media
Building C, Room 235
Phone: 281-756-3569