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Admissions Office 


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Texas House Bill 1508
Notice to applicants to and enrollees in certain educational programs regarding the consequences of a criminal conviction on eligibility for an occupational license:

Under Texas Occupations Code 58.001, licensing authorities may have guidelines concerning prior criminal convictions that would make an individual ineligible for issuance of a given license. Applicants are encouraged to review all eligibility requirements related to degrees resulting in a license.

  • An individual who has been convicted of an offense may be ineligible for issuance of an occupational license.
  • Licensing authorities must establish and make available guidelines explaining why a particular offense is considered a basis for ineligibility for a particular license and other criterion that may affect the decision to grant or withhold a license.
  • There may be other state or local restrictions or guidelines used by a licensing authority to determine the eligibility of an individual who has been convicted of an offense for an occupational license issued by the licensing authority. Applicants should contact their local or county licensing authority for more information.
  • An individual has the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter regarding their eligibility for a license issued under Texas Occupations Code 53.102.

Questions related to eligibility requirements should be directed to the department chair of program of interest and/or individual licensing authorities.

Advising & Testing

The Advising Office is here to offer help in choosing a major, transferring courses, college orientation, and much more. And, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and stop by any time you have a question or need a listening ear.

Requesting a Transcript for Admissions

Transcripts are official documents that list all coursework completed at the high school, college or university you attend. Colleges and universities use your transcript(s) to verify eligibility to enroll in courses at their institution. There are two types of transcripts available to students.

  • Unofficial Transcripts
    Unofficial transcripts are issued directly from the college or university to the student. These transcripts can be used for your personal files, or when you meet with a college academic advisor.
  • Official Transcripts
    Official transcripts are sent electronically from one institution to another institution. A student may also bring official transcripts in a sealed institution envelope when meeting with an ACC advisor or they can be mailed to the address shown below. It is important that the envelope not be opened by anyone except the recipient college or university. Otherwise, it is considered an "unofficial transcript." ACC requires official transcripts for students that have previously attended another college or university.

Your official transcripts from high school or other colleges/universities become part of your official file at Alvin Community College and cannot be returned. When applying for admission, all required official transcripts must be on file by the end of your first semester unless otherwise noted.

Send your official transcripts to:
Alvin Community College
Admissions Office
3110 Mustang Road
Alvin, Texas 77511

Academic Fresh Start

A Texas resident who applies for admission to a Texas public college or university as an undergraduate, may be able to begin a new course of study with a clear academic record. If the individual has credits for college courses taken ten or more years prior to the planned enrollment date, those credits and grades can be waived under the "Academic Fresh Start" law if it is invoked at the time of application. More information can be found at College For All Texans as well as visiting with an ACC Academic Advisor. Please note that Academic Fresh Start is not valid for financial aid purposes. [ACC Academic Fresh Start agreement]

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