Retention and Student Success Committee


The Student Success and Retention Committee focuses on improving student success in learning, reducing the number of students who drop courses, and increasing the number of students who stay enrolled in school and complete degrees. The committee will also be involved in the planning, development, and implementation of guided pathways for all instructional programs.


Karen Barnett, Paralegal
Ellen Birdwell, English
Tammy Braswell, Institutional Research
Ben Deadwyler, Information Technology
Rachel Garry, Academic Advising
Dr. Cindy Griffith, VP of Instruction
Jennifer Hopkins, Mathematics
Akilah Martin, College and Career Pathways
John Matula, Physical Sciences
Dr. Nadia Nazarenko, Dean of Academic Programs
Bette Nelson, Mathematics
Jason Nichols, Communications
Thomas Parker, English
Jean Raniseski, Psychology
Sammi Sanders, Marketing
Patrick Sanger, Institutional Research (ex oficio)
Jim Simpson, Continuing Education (ex oficio)
Patty Stemmer, EMSP
Wendy Stewart, Nursing
William Trevino, Assessment and Testing
Jeanine Wilburn, Child Development
Holly Williams, Retention and Student Success
Sheila Woods, Business Management

Office Hours

8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday – Friday
Closed Fridays during the summer