Test Scoring

TSI Test results are usually available in Testing Center immediately. Occasionally, an essay score may take 24 hours.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) forbids giving scores over the telephone. However, students are welcome to come to the Testing Center to pick up a copy of their scores and course recommendations. This information is also available during the student's Academic Advising session, required of all new students.

The TSI Assessment is a series of basic skills tests completed on a computer. The tests are designed to measure current skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. This assessment allows you and your advisor to work together to help you succeed in your courses. Test scores indicate areas where you may need help and which courses might be a starting point for your educational career.

A student may retake an assessment at any time, subject to availability, to determine readiness to perform freshman-level academic course work. Students who score below the minimum on the retest will be subject to additional action to assist in reaching the College Readiness standard.

College Readiness Standard 
The state minimum standard to take college-level courses is a score of Reading 351+; Math 350+; and Writing, an essay score of 5, plus a 350+ on sentence skills or an essay score of 4 plus a 363+ on sentence skills or an essay score of 5+ plus an ABE score of 4+.

Developmental Courses
Assessment tests are designed to help students succeed at the level in which they are ready. In some cases, this will mean students need to enroll in developmental level courses to prepare them for college-level courses. Your Academic Advisor will let you know if developmental level courses are required in certain areas. If they are required, you must enroll and attend a developmental course for at least one of the sections until the courses are completed with a grade of "C" or better.


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