Nursing (ADN)/Nursing Transition (LVN to ADN)

Applicant Meeting Schedule

Prepare for your nursing education by attending an ADN general information meeting or ADN applicant meeting . No reservation is required.

General information meetings are designed to provide the potential student information about preparing to apply to the nursing program.  This is a voluntary meeting.

The Applicant meetings are designed to provide the student applying to the program information in more detail about the program and application process.  These meetings are mandatory for the applicant.

Application Periods:

February                 LVN-ADN Transition Program (1 year) Summer start
March                      ADN Program (2 year) Fall start
September            ADN Program (2 year) Spring start 

Info Session Type




ADN applicant 09/03/19 3:00pm S-105
ADN applicant 09/10/19 3:00pm S-105
ADN applicant 09/17/19 3:30pm S-105
ADN applicant 09/24/19 3:00pm S-105
ADN applicant 09/30/19 3:00pm S-105
General 10/01/19 3:00pm S-105
General 11/05/19 3:00pm S-105
General 12/03/19  3:00pm


Applicants must attend one of the red applicant meetings. 

The general meetings are open to anyone seeking information about either the 2-year ADN program or the 1-year LVN-to-ADN Transition program but does not satisfy the mandatory required applicant meeting. 

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