Lab School

While your children are enrolled with us they will be provided a warm, loving environment in which they can feel confident and secure. They will receive a quality educational program designed to stimulate and enrich their physical, social, cognitive and emotional development and needs. The time your child spends at the ACC Lab School is an important part of his/her life. It is to the benefit of all concerned if we (teacher and parent/guardian) work as a team to provide your child many opportunities to learn.

Mission Statement
The ACC Child Development Laboratory School will provide high quality care and education for young children and serve as a model of excellence in early childhood education.

Role of the Laboratory School 
The Lab School is maintained by the ACC Child Development/Early Childhood Department 
and serves two principle functions:

  • a teaching laboratory for college students who are preparing for careers in early childhood professions
  • providing a developmentally appropriate educational setting for children.

We believe that the early childhood years are the most important years and a special time that should be filled with love, laughter and discovery. During the age’s birth to five, most of a child’s personality, cognitive ability, language proficiency, and social skills are well established through life experience and education. Participation in a quality early childhood program enhances a child’s development in all of these areas, as well as others.

We believe that young children gain more knowledge through active learning. Early childhood, after all, is a time of life quite different from adulthood, even from the later school years. Playing is a child’s work. They learn extraordinary amounts through play, social interaction and exploration.

As children interact in a well-planned and developmentally appropriate environment, under the guidance of highly trained teachers, they “create” and apply their knowledge. We view children as active rather than passive learners. Based on such knowledge about what children of this age are like, we design our program to fit them. It works a lot better than trying to redesign them!

Our developmentally appropriate program is geared to our children, families and community.

Program Information
The Lab School is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The Lab School operates on the ACC calendar and as a full day, full year program for children, 18 months to Preschool.

Eligibility and Enrollment
Enrollment is open to any child, provided the child meets the age and health requirements; regardless of sex, race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.

Hours of Operation
The ACC lab school is open Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The lab school will be open daily throughout the school year with the exception of the holiday schedule. Should there be a severe weather or emergency situation resulting in dismissal or cancellation of classes at ACC, lab school parents will be notified through the hyper-alert system, the ACC website at or or the local radio stations.


Labor Day
Thanksgiving (Wednesday – Friday)
ACC – Winter Break
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
ACC – Spring Break
ACC - Spring Holiday (Good Friday & following Monday)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day



Sheila Jones, Administrative Assistant 
Building C, Room 128
Phone: 281.756.3644
Fax: 281.756.5679