Disability Services


Information that a student has a disability is not a part of public information and must be treated as confidential. Every effort must be made to preserve the privacy of the student who needs accommodations and to treat the individual with the same dignity and courtesy accorded to all other students in the classroom.

Student documentation is kept in the Office of Disability Services in a locked cabinet. The documentation is reviewed and only after that review will appropriate accommodations be requested. The student has the right to not disclose the nature of the disability with the instructor or have the instructor ask questions that of the student. Any questions about accommodation validity should be addressed to the Coordinator of the Office of Disability Services..

Confidentiality requirements are dictated by federal and state law. Accommodation letters which state the student's name, disability and accommodation needed must be kept in a place which ensures confidentiality and where others will not have access to the information. Questions regarding confidentiality may be directed to the Coordinator of the Office of Disability Services.