Dual Enrollment Admission

Enroll in the ACC Dual Enrollment Program


2019-2020 Admission Deadline – April 26, 2019

Dual Enrollment students are students who have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards and the ACC Admission Requirements. Interested students should complete the following steps:

Step 1

Complete the ApplyTexas online application. (Use browsers Chrome, Mozilla or the latest version of IE)

Step 2

Take the TSI Exam or meet a waiver or exemption standard. Click here for TSI registration information.

Step 3

Select a college course for which you qualify during the course selection process. Visit with an ACC Advisor if you have questions.

Step 4

Complete the Early Admission Contract (EAC). Print, complete, and return to your ACC Advisor.

Step 5

Register for Dual Enrollment Orientation

Download a printable version of the Steps to Enroll


Additional Testing Information

TSI Test Prep One-Day Camps

TSI Test Prep One-Day Camps are offered in February, March, April and May. Click here to find out more information about the TSI Test Prep One-Day Camps.

Qualifying scores are required to register for a college course.

Subject TSI Exemptions Waiver College Algebra
Reading 351

SAT (3/5/16 or after)
Reading and Writing (EBRW)-480


ACT- 23 Composite Score
English 19


English III (level 2, score of 4000)

English III (level 2, score of 4000)

English II (level 2, score 4000


ACT - 19

SAT - (3/5/16 or after)-530

TSI - 350 or 340 and High School Pre-Cal with a grade of A or B.

STAAR/EOC- Algebra I (level 2, score of 4000) and 70+ grade in high school Algebra II.

Writing  4+ on Essay and 340+ objective score OR 5+ Essay with 4+ ABE and 310-339 objective score
Math 350

SAT (3/5/16 or after)
Math- 530

ACT-23 Composite Score

Algebra II (level 2, score 4000)

Algebra I (level 2, score of 4000 and 70+ grade in Algebra II.


Testing Notes

  • The TSI exam is available at ACC for $39.00 (entire exam) or $15.00 per section. Visit Admissions Office Testing to review test dates and to register.
  • Students must have a picture ID or two forms of identification to test (yearbook picture, school ID, birth certificate, passport, and/or social security card).
  • ADA Accommodations are available for testing. Contact the ACC Office of Disabilities for more information prior to testing. *Click here for Dual Enrollment ADA Accommodations. Students may also test on their high school campus if it is a TSI testing sight. Visit the high school webpage or your high school counselor for details.
  • All students must take the TSI exam unless they qualify for a waiver or exemption.
  • Students taking the TSI exam for the first time must take all 3 sections of the exam. Do not skip a section.
  • The Duke Talent ACT is not accepted.