Veteran Services

GI Benefits

Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill provides 36 months of educational benefits
Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits for veterans with service connected disabilities
Chapter 33 Post 9-11 Pays tuition and fees, housing allowance, and book stipend
Chapter 35 Survivors Dependent Educational Benefits
Chapter 1606 Montgomery GI Bill for selective reserve
Chapter 1607 Montgomery GI Bill for selective reserves called up to active duty in response to war or national emergency.
For additional information and to apply for these benefits, go to the VA website
Benefits for Eligible Texas Veterans: Hazlewood Act

Hazlewood tuition exemption provides up to 150 credit hours of tuition exemption.
Hazlewood Legacy Act allows qualified Texas veterans to transfer any unused hours to their dependent child.
A widow or dependent child of a service member killed in action, or who has been deemed 100% service connected disabled, may also qualify for the Hazlewood exemption.
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