President's Welcome

Dr. Christal M. Albrecht, PresidentMessage of Solidarity

In light of the protests and violence going on in cities throughout our nation, I feel compelled to send out a message of solidarity in support of diversity, inclusion and human rights.

Like many, I have been horrified by the needless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. These tragedies have heightened the awareness of structural racism against African Americans persistent in the United States.

At ACC, we are dedicated to ensuring that all students have equal opportunity access to education and a better future. Our Core Values position us “to be caring, inclusive and welcoming, valuing all members of the ACC family.” We celebrate the diversity in our student body and in the communities we serve.

We welcome the opportunity to assist our African American students, staff and community members who face daily challenges because of the color of their skin. We wish to help resolve the longstanding injustices within our community and nation. We join in seeking justice for the victims and commit to listening to those who are hurt most by the destructive force of institutionalized racism.


Dr. Christal M. Albrecht

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