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Advanced Planning Guide
Successful Planning
Advanced planning is the key to success when working with our office. Like most departments, we are managing multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously. We need as much advance notice as possible for the work we produce. When working on time sensitive projects or events where you will use our services, please use the guidelines below to assist with advanced planning. We will try to accommodate your desired deadline, but ask that you adhere to our submission guidelines to increase the likelihood of your project being completed on time.

Submission & Request Timelines
Equipment Rental – Submit requests one month in advance

Graphic Design – Allow at minimum, 3-4 weeks’ production time

Marketing/Advertising – Allow two months to plan and produce an effective strategy

Media Technology – Submit requests one week in advance

Printing – Allow 24 hours for b/w jobs and 48 hours for color prints & jobs requiring binding

Promotional Items – Submit requests two months in advance

Social Media Post or Campaign – Submit requests two weeks in advance

Website – Allow 24-48 hours days for simple updates, 10 days for new pages/replace section, and 2-4 weeks for complex jobs

Additional Tips
To make sure you get the most when using our services, here are a few additional tips:

Determine your audience and what you’d like to communicate. Please take some time to think about the audience you are trying to reach and the message you need to communicate to them. This will help us determine how your message should be deployed and which one of our team members can best serve your needs.

Complete a Project Request Form. Requests for Graphic Design, Marketing & Advertising, Media Support, & Website Changes/Updates require the completion of the appropriate request form before work on a project can begin. Please visit to access the request forms. For other services, such as ordering promotional items and requesting social media postings, please call or email the appropriate contact. Print jobs should be sent directly to the server (Print Shop–BW or Print Shop–Color).

Provide detailed content. Much of your project’s success will be dependent on the level of detail you provide when submitting content. We can offer suggestions on how to improve your content, but don’t have the time to develop it for you. Content should be reviewed, approved, and submitted at the same time as your project request to avoid delays in the process. We will provide minor editing per Associated Press style rules and ensure all items produced are consistent with college branding standards.

Respond quickly. To keep your project moving towards completion please respond promptly to proofing rounds and requests for additional information. If we can’t complete the next phase in the project because we’re waiting on a response from you it can put your deadline in jeopardy.

Remember that marketing is not magic. Unfortunately, we do not have an easy button like Staples that can instantly solve all of your communication needs. It takes time, planning, resources, and a solid strategy to communicate effective messages. When possible, we will create a broad plan and then create individual strategies that over time can help you reach your goals.

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Project Questionnaire
Team creating ideas

We know you have great ideas, but maybe you just haven’t had the time to organize your thoughts completely. We’ve put together this handy questionnaire that can help you effectively communicate your ideas. Feel free to download and complete the form and then send it as an attachment when you are ready to submit a project request. We’ll take this information and create a thorough Creative Brief allowing us to plan the important details of your project and maximize creativity.

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Photo Release Form
ACC Student Near Nolan Ryan Center
A Photo/Video Release form must be signed by the person being photographed if the photo/video is to be used in college marketing materials (Ex. printed publications, webpages or video presentations).

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Event Planning Checklist
Event Planning

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