Counseling and Community Resources

Welcome to Alvin Community College’s Counseling and Community Resources.


For crisis and emergencies during office hours, call 281-756-3700 (Alvin Community College Campus Police, H132).

For life-threatening mental health emergencies, go to the closest emergency room or call 9-1-1.
For non life threatening crisis assistance at ACC during business hours, go to the Admissions Office, A100 and ask for an Advisor or Counselor.

Assessment and Care Team (ACT) Referral

Are you concerned about a currently enrolled ACC student or community resident on campus? Consider reporting to ACC’s Assessment and Care Team (ACT). The Assessment and Care Team consists of a multi-disciplinary group of ACC employees including counselors, faculty, police, and student services staff. The ACT is committed to providing ACC staff, employees and students with supportive resources through a practical, collaborative, and thoughtful approach to the prevention, identification, assessment, intervention and holistic management of situations that may be disruptive in a student’s academic progress or to the well-being of campus employees.
For an urgent emergency call 281-756-3700 (Alvin Community College Campus Police, H132).
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Staff and Faculty Resources for Students
Assessment and Care Team (A.C.T.)
Campus Police
Career Services
Counseling Referral Form – See L.I.V.E. below for other on-campus resources
Early Alert is a tool to identify at-risk students who may need additional help and attention in the instructional setting. Warning signs include excessive absences, poor academic performance, and/or lack of class participation. A faculty member who observes any of these behaviors may submit an Early Alert report.
Emergency Information
Human Resource
L.I.V.E. - An Intervention Strategy for Distressed College Students at ACC
Office of Disability Services
Sexual Assault
Title IX
Veteran Services
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Student Assistance
The ACC Assessment and Care Team provide toiletry products for ACC students who may need occasional assistance. Below you will find a list of additional ACC resources as well as Outside resources.

ACC Resources

Assistance for Students
Food -
Toiletries/Grooming Supplies -
Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program (Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act)
Food & Toiletries
Student Resources for Food Pantry and Toiletries
Lactation Room
Locker Rooms/Shower Facilities
Outside Resources

Diseases & Conditions
Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Drug Fact Sheets
E-Cigarettes: Know the Risks
Healthy Living
HIV 101 for College Students
Injury, Violence & Safety
Tips for College Health & Safety