Student Accessibility Services

Welcome Faculty 

Student Accessibility Services is here to work with you in providing the appropriate support for all Alvin Community College students in and out of the classroom. Working with students to provide appropriate academic accommodations can be tricky, and you may experience individual differences, even in providing the same academic accommodation. Please know that SAS Staff are available to assist you. If you have any questions concerning the student, or an accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accommodations do not give some students an unfair advantage over other students. Students who have a learning, physical, or psychological disability have academic limitations that other students do not. Accommodations simply level the playing field so each student has equal and full access to lectures, books and to sharing what they have learned. We accommodate for "equal access" so the student's level of academic success is still up to them, just as it is with any other student.

Be aware that students are given the choice to pick up and deliver paper copies or have accommodation letters sent to instructors electronically. And while all students are encouraged to secure letters at the beginning of the semester, students occasionally forget to request letters or get approved for accommodation mid-semester. In all cases, accommodations should never be applied retroactively.

Accommodation Guidelines for Instructors

Things to consider as you build your course:

  1. Are you using supplemental materials, do you have additional materials posted online?

    Please make sure all articles scanned and posted online are in Word or OCR pdf format. If not, contact Student Accessibility Services or Distance Education to learn how to ensure your materials are accessible.

  2. Is your course required textbook(s) available in digital or electronic format from the publisher?

    If you have a choice between two textbooks, please ask the publisher if it is available in pdf format, or choose the one that is. This will save time and expense in ensuring the student has access to required materials.

  3. Are you using a companion site or publisher’s learning platform?

    Please have technical assistance contact information and numbers available, many of these sites are not 100% accessible to all students and through all modes of access.

  4. Are all videos or films to be used in the class captioned?

    If not, SAS Staff can help, but it is the instructor’s responsibility to have audio / video captions, a complete transcription, or otherwise accessible version of all presented materials. The ACC Library may be able to help you locate updated, accessible  educational materials.


SAS is available to support faculty in the following ways:

Counsel: Understanding how academic accommodations apply to your course, Counsel if what you are doing is appropriate, Mediator when dealing with a difficult student (general information about ADA / 504 Compliance, ADA and Online Content, Video Accessibility and 508 Compliance)

Classroom Assistance: Teaching resources and assistance for specific disabilities (Braille, ASL Interpreters, CART Services, recording devices, etc.), Alternate textbook formatting, 1:1 assistance for referred/identified students

Best Practices: Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Online Accessibility, Classroom Management Techniques and General Practices for Identified Student Groups

Trainings & Workshops: Academic Accommodations & Compliance, Autism Spectrum Students, Veterans, Mental Health in the Classroom, etc.


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