Student Accessibility Services

Continuing Students

Students must complete and submit a Semester Request Form each semester enrolled for an updated accommodation letter.

Please that the student is responsible for:

1. Contacting Student Accessibility Services at least two weeks before subsequent semesters to receive an updated disability letter (four weeks when adaptive equipment or interpreter services are needed). Failure to do so could result in delay or suspension of services.

2. Submitting and discussing your approved academic accommodations with each of your instructors after receiving your accommodation letter to make specific arrangements for any necessary accommodations. Understand that your accommodations are not retroactive and are not applicable until you have discussed the academic accommodations with your instructor(s).

3. Setting up any special testing arrangements agreed upon with your instructor and, if applicable, for making an appointment with the Testing Center at least one week in advance of any test deadline. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the accommodations can be in place when needed.