What Is Dual Credit?

Dual Enrollment
What is Dual Enrollment?
The Dual Enrollment Program provides an opportunity for eligible high school students to enroll in college courses and receive both high school and college credit for the course. While dual enrollment courses are mostly taught on the high school campuses, students can also earn credit on the ACC college campus. The Dual Enrollment Program offers both academic and technical courses. Dual Enrollment academic courses refer to classes that are transferable to Texas public colleges and universities; whereas technical dual enrollment courses are considered highly specialized classes for the workforce. These courses are not guaranteed to transfer to universities, but are applied to Associate of Applied Science Degrees. Students should meet with the department chair to determine which universities accept technical courses.

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Why Dual Enrollment?
Save Time. Earn high school credit and college credit for the same course!
Fullfill Requirements. Satisfy requirements for the Texas High School Distinguished Achievement Plan.
Transferability. Academic Dual Enrollment courses will transfer with a grade C or higher to any Texas public university.
Save Money. Students that take Dual Enrollment courses on their high school campus save up to 75% in tuition.
What Qualities Should a Dual Enrollment Student Possess?
According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, approximately 65,000 high school students are participating in dual enrollment programs. The successful student should:

be highly motivated
be able to stick to a goal
make above average grades
possess good study habits
students should understand that the amount of work necessary to succeed in college courses may be greater than that of high school courses. In addition, dual credit courses become a part of a student's permanent college transcript.
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What is Dual Degree?
To help students reach their educational goals in a timely manner, local ISD's and Alvin Community College offers qualified students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies at the same time. The Dual Degree program is a rigorous program that will require extra time and dedication. Interested students should contact their high school counselor or ACC Advisor for more information and to develop a degree plan.

Click here to view requirements for the Dual Degree Associates.

Alvin Community College 2017 Dual Degree Graduates

Alvin Community College 2017 Dual Degree Graduates

Top 4 Things Dual Enrollment Students Need to Know
How to log in to WebACCess and MyBlackBoard
Contact the IT Help Desk if you need assistance: 281-756-3544
Thoroughly read through your ACC Dual Enrollment Student Handbook to learn more about
Utilize your ACC Advisor and the Dual Enrollment website for assistance. Check the website often for news and updates related to dual enrollment.
Ask questions and stay in the communication flow! Communicate with your teachers and always check your ACC email...it's the official form of communication for ACC.