Mini 2 Classes Begin October 19

The Mini 2 payment deadline is October 12.

Fall Information Banner

To maximize safety for all new and returning students, ACC is offering four options for fall courses:


Face-to-Face Instruction


Instruction will be on campus or at an off-site location on the days/times listed in the class schedule.

Courses or programs require students and faculty to be physically present for classes due to instructional or licensure requirements.


Hybrid Instruction


The majority of class instruction will be online with limited face-to-face instruction for hands-on skills and competency testing.

Students come to campus in small groups on days/times listed in class schedule or as scheduled by faculty.


Remote Instruction


Instruction will be online with lectures and virtual instruction occurring on specific days/times as listed in the course schedule.

Students have flexibility to be off campus while still experiencing live and/or recorded lectures, labs, and class interactions in a virtual setting.

Online Instruction


Instruction will be the traditional online delivery with classes being taken at any time with virtual student/faculty interactions.

Online courses provide greatest flexibility for students who have variable schedules due to work or personal commitments.

Additional Information 

  • The revised Class Schedule will be published on or before July 16, 2020. Students that have already registered will see their course schedule automatically updated with the method of course delivery.
  • Grading processes will not be altered for Fall 2020.
  • All deadlines will remain the same for Fall 2020.
  • If your class was moved to a online course you will not be charged the online fee.
  • Continuing Education Classes will be updated with the format of instruction as soon as possible.
  • All Dual Enrollment courses at local high schools will be conducted as remote learning, except technical courses that require hands-on lab instruction (EMS, Pharm Tech, Welding, Auto).


Student Support Services

Admissions, Welcome Center, and Academic Advising 

Services will continue to be offered virtually with limited face to face assistance on campus.

Admissions Hours

All students will be required to complete the COVID Training and daily health check. All facilities will allow appropriate social distancing while still managing a large volume of campus visitors.


Library and Tutoring

The library and tutoring services are open for fall term with limited capacity. The library closes at 5:00 p.m. Online services and support are available.  


Student Activities, Athletics & Organizations

Student activities will be held virtually. No music, vocal or drama performances will be in held in person for the fall. There will be virtual performances planned.-

Face-to-face meetings of clubs and organizations are suspended for fall term. Students are encouraged to meet using virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

The Fitness Center will remain closed indefinitely until further notice. 

There will be no athletic competition for the fall semester. Baseball and softball will begin practice in late August.

The format of all fall ceremonies has not yet been determined.

Books can be purchased online at and picked up curbside by Building H.

The college has implemented safety measures that include frequent cleaning of the Lab School as well as installation of UV-C germicidal light fixtures. Visit the Lab School page for more information.